Every business enterprise is in a constant search for ideas to increase sales. One such method is improving the efficiency of the sales team. According to a Forbes article, less than 23% of sales representatives practice time management strategies, and about 65% of their time is utilized for non-revenue-generating-activities.

One way of efficiently using the remaining 35% of their time is by partnering with a managed appointment setting service company. These organizations take on the heavy lifting of cold-calling campaigns of your sales teams. It will allow them to focus on closing deals.

Five ways how Managed Appointment Setting companies dramatically increase your sales:

1. A Managed Appointment Setting service provider assumes the responsibility of hiring and training skillful business development representatives. They invest in technology and applications that are designed for cold-calling campaigns.

Their business development reps cold call, qualify leads and set appointments with your prospects’ decision-makers or influencers. It will give your team more time to focus on converting qualified leads and improving your organization’s sales.

2. Your sales representatives will have more opportunities to meet new prospective clients. Their frequency of closing sales with new customers will rise. It will increase your customer base and grow your business.

3. The business development representatives of appointment setting companies are well trained. They swiftly evaluate and update the vast database, aided by efficient practices, systems, and the latest software products. These immediate updates would be accessible to your team through a state-of-the-art reporting system. Armed with up-to-date information, your team can plan to convert hotter leads sooner.

4. Experienced business development representatives have the knack for extracting maximum information from the prospect in the minimum possible time. This knowledge about the prospective customer will help you in creating a robust and more efficient sales pipeline.

5. An outsourced appointment setting company will build a team for you. A dedicated project manager would lead this team. The technology and tools will be customized to suit your requirements. It will eliminate your investment in hiring and training people for cold campaigns and buying and maintaining modern applications and software programs.

By partnering with a managed appointment setting service provider, your chances of losing potential customers fall. It will also improve your sales, help customer return and retention, and increases lead generation. As the sales team’s performance rises, they would be further motivated. It would inspire a cycle of excellence within the organization.