Unleash the full potential of Intelliverse Email Tracker for Outlook with our easy-to-follow guide. Part 2 explores the feature-rich dashboard, revolutionizing your email tracking experience.

Begin by crafting your email in Outlook. Spot the tick icon at the top-right corner – a simple click activates tracking. Hit send, and your tracked email is on its way.

Dive into the Intelliverse Email Tracker dashboard, boasting five icons: Mail, Analytics, Refresh, Settings, and Support. The “Mail” section provides insights into tracked emails, including open times and locations.

Analytics unveils stats like sent and tracked emails, open rates, and average open times. Detailed opened email statistics, locations, and devices enhance your understanding.

Manage your account and explore upgrade options in the Settings section. For assistance, the Support icon connects you with Intelliverse experts.

You’re now an Intelliverse Email Tracker master! Elevate your email game today.