Sales teams often have to face several challenges like losing track of conversations or failing to convert leads despite making numerous calls. One of the ways to overcome this prospecting barrier is to adopt sales acceleration tools to automate administrative tasks for improving sales outreach. If your business relies on generating leads and conversations, a Power Dialer Software can help streamline your cold calling efforts. Power dialers can enhance sales reps’ efficiency, increase connect rates and boost qualified leads drastically.

Intelliverse’ Power Dialer for Salesforce automates repetitive manual tasks as well as monitors, records, and reviews your sales team’s performance to identify communication gaps and common pitfalls. Sales agents can directly make calls within the Salesforce CRM by optimizing real-time analytics and data-driven insights to capture and track calling activity. IntelliDialer empowers sales reps to sell smarter and faster by delivering speed, efficiency, and predictability to the sales process.

Key Features offered by Intelliverse’ Power Dialer

  • Call recording: One of the reasons businesses need call recorders is to protect themselves against lawsuits as they serve as reliable evidence for unforeseen circumstances. Companies can record their phone calls for various purposes such as quality assurance, employee training, etc. IntelliDialer provides a Call recording feature to help managers identify problem areas and monitor their sales team’s performance. Power dialing allows sales agents to keep their data secure while working remotely, as recorded calls can be stored and reviewed at any time. You can easily record and review all your calls within Salesforce via our Power dialer.
  • Local presence dialing: You can increase your sales team’s conversation rates by up to 40% by associating your business with local area codes. Customers trust local numbers more rather than a toll-free or out-of-area number as it creates a virtual local presence for your organization. Our Salesforce dialer provides 32 local numbers across the country at no extra cost and routes back all your inbound calls to the number of your choice. Local presence dialing is a cost-effective way for small and medium-sized businesses to enhance customer interactions exponentially by avoiding the need to establish multiple office locations.
  • Click-to-dial: With IntelliDialer’s Click-to-dial feature, you can easily make calls within the Salesforce with just one click. Our system automatically makes one call after another and enables your sales teams to be more productive. It promptly captures tracks and reports all outbound calling activity. This web-based communication tool initiates a conversation between two parties by accessing the number entered by the end user. It converts phone numbers on a website into clickable links to ease the communication process.
  • Voicemail drop: People tend to decline a call from an unknown number, but they are likely to listen to a voicemail once before deleting it. Voice messages are an effective way to reach out to more prospects while saving time and energy. Our Sales dialer software accesses real-time data of your customers and sends them personalized pre-recorded voicemails to improve outbound prospecting. You can track and review the voice-dropping insights by identifying which message gets the most response and convey it to your sales teams.

Intelliverse’ Sales dialer software helps to improve your sales outcomes and engage in more live conversations with your prospects by offering these essential features.

IntelliDialer is available at $49 user/month all inclusive on Salesforce App exchange.

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