Efficient Sales Acceleration Process

The goal of any sales organization is to generate sales and increase revenue. The sales cycle is like a funnel, which begins with marketing to a targeted customer group, which then tapers into leads. These leads in turn further narrow into qualified leads, a portion of which then become sales. The faster and more efficient this cycle – the greater the return on investment. Sales acceleration is the use of techniques and tools to speed up this sales process and to reach completed sales more…Continue Reading “Ensure an Efficient Sales Acceleration Process with These Few Tips”

The Best Way to Sell add-ons

If you’re like most seasoned sales professionals, you have a method to your approach. There’s a specific “stack” you want to sell, and your efforts revolve around techniques that put that stack first and foremost. For many pros and their companies, though, there are things to sell beyond the stack. Add-ons can be a powerful tool in your toolbox and can take a mediocre sale to a great one, or entice a reticent customer to commit. Here are our tips for making add-on selling a…Continue Reading “The Best Way to Sell Add-ons”

How to Implement Incentivized Trips into Your Company

No sales team kicks butt 24/7, 365 days a year. We all fall into slumps, but what can really make or break a sales team’s success is how long those slumps last, and what you as a leader do to break out of them. One way to pull your team out of a slump and get them firing on all cylinders again is to implement an incentivization plan. Trips are a great way to fire people up; who doesn’t love visiting a new place and…Continue Reading “How to Implement Incentivized Trips into Your Company”

Train a new salesperson

Just because someone is new to the sales process doesn’t mean they can’t start contributing to your team (and to the bottom line) relatively quickly. It’s all in how you train your newbie salesperson, and whether or not you set them up for success — or leave them to go it alone. Here’s our checklist for getting your newbie salesperson to hit the ground running, and make a positive contribution to your team right off the bat. Train a new salesperson, success! Play follow the…Continue Reading “Intelliverse’s Checklist for Training a Newbie Salesperson”

Qualities that make a great salesperson

Sales isn’t for everybody, least of all the faint of heart. It can be a difficult, exhausting job, but for those who have the right set of traits and quirks, there’s often no better role. Some of the more obvious traits in a good salesperson — open, honest, communicative — go without say. But what about those lesser-seen traits that can give a sales professional a leg up? Here are our top 5 unique qualities that make a great salesperson. Resourcefulness Think the MacGyver of…Continue Reading “5 Unique Qualities that Make a Great Salesperson”


Suppose you had all the time in the world and prospective customers with an equal amount of flexibility. You could spend as much time as you needed explaining the benefits of your product, exploring the nuances of how it can benefit your prospect, and answering any and all questions that might arise. Sounds like a dream, right? Unfortunately… it is. Precisely zero sales professionals have all the time in the world to pitch their product, and fewer prospects have the time to listen. That’s why…Continue Reading “How to Simplify Your Sales Message”

Recognize Millennial Sales Team

A simple Google search for Millennials turns up a seemingly unending supply of content. In particular, you’ll find thousands of posts on what makes Millennials individuals, a generation different from any other. Some of it might be a bit eye-roll-inducing, but there’s definitely something to be said for treating Millennials differently in the workplace. They look at work, and their place in their chosen industry, in a way that’s distinctly different from their older peers, and job satisfaction, in general, means more to them than…Continue Reading “How to Recognize Your Millennial Sales Team”

Follow Up Email Templates

The best sales outreach efforts don’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, they’re part of a strategic, multifaceted approach that spans across a variety of mediums and avenues. They’re integrated and complementary, and make it easy for your prospect to move forward however he or she chooses to do so. That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it also sounds time-consuming. When a big part of your job is making meaningful contact with as many people as you possibly can, there’s a fine balance to walk between being…Continue Reading “Follow Up Emails After Initial Contact [2 Templates]”

Gain Trust During Your First Contact

Sales mostly boils down to creating and then building upon relationships. It also boils down to numbers, time, and speed. In reality, though, those two things – building solid relationships and moving quickly – are often opposed to one another! Creating trust is essential for securing a solid sale, but how can you create a trusting relationship with someone when you don’t know them, and are looking to create a relationship based upon a business transaction? Let’s talk heuristics. They’re pretty popular these days –…Continue Reading “How to Gain Trust of a Prospect During Your First Contact”

Reach Out People During The Sales Process

Wouldn’t it be great if the very first person you reached out to at a prospective customer organization turned out to be exact – and only – contact you needed? Unfortunately for most sales professionals, that scenario is more fantasy than anything else. What’s far more common is hunting around for multiple contacts, reaching out several times to different people, and making as many inroads as possible before securing a deal. People change jobs, misconstrue their purchasing power, or just plain ignore you – so…Continue Reading “You Should Reach Out to How Many People During The Sales Process?”