B2B Appointment Setting Techniques

One of our favorite lead generation sayings is that within each sale, two sales actually take place: the selling of the appointment, and the sale of the service. Appointment setting, thus, is the first “sale,” and is a crucial step in the purchasing process. So, what steps can your business take today to increase your sales appointments— all while engaging with only the most qualified leads? #1. Go after the decision makers themselves. Why try to work your way up when you can just begin…Continue Reading “7 Tried and True B2B Appointment Setting Techniques”

Building Rapport in Sales Conversations

The first impression is always important, and for a salesperson heading into their initial face-to-face prospect meeting, it is crucial. For some, this first interaction may create uneasiness. However, the sales professional who becomes an expert in building rapport will display confidence in themselves and their product or service and ultimately have a leg up when it comes time to ask for the order. Those that are most successful at creating rapport often find that those relationships lead to “Trusted Advisor” status with the prospect….Continue Reading “Building Rapport in Sales Conversations”

What does Sales 2.0 mean?

Sales 2.0 is quite simply the idea of complementing traditional, proven sales practices with modern technology. Sales 2.0 is not one specific thing but rather a state of mind; a way of thinking progressively. Successful selling means staying on top of your game and selling smarter – and that’s the case whether you’re an individual salesperson or a business.  Either an individual or a business can adopt and apply Sales 2.0 ideas. So let’s break this down and see how Sales Automation works for an individual…Continue Reading “What does Sales 2.0 mean?”

Formula for Deal Generation

As lead generation transitions to the more efficient and effective strategy for a deal generation, it is imperative to understand the differences between the two. The primary differentiators can be broken down into four components: strategy, prospects, work and results. Proven methods are an essential component of both lead and deal generation. The noticeable variation between the two strategies is the focus on quality over quantity. Lead generations’ quantity focus results in a 75% less efficient use of resources while deal generation’s quality emphasis highlights…Continue Reading “The Formula for Deal Generation”

best travel apps

No matter which industry you work in, there’s always fierce competition on the sales side of things. As your sales team travels around the world, they need all the edge they can get if they’re going to bring in new clients. Fortunately, there are myriad apps designed to facilitate your sales team’s travel process so they can focus on what they do best – selling! Read on to find out the best travel apps available in 2017. TripIt The concept behind TripIt is simple but…Continue Reading “10 Best Travel Apps For Your Sales Team”

lead generation tactics

The first and most important step of online lead generation is to understand your customers – what do they want and how can you meet their needs? Once you have established this strong foundation, you can develop a strategy with lead generation tactics that allow you to engage with your customers at the right time and in the right way. Know Your Target Prospect – Before you can optimize your online lead generation strategy, it is essential to understand your leads. Developing a lead-centered strategy…Continue Reading “4 Absurdly Simple Lead Generation Tactics”

Efficient Sales Acceleration Process

The goal of any sales organization is to generate sales and increase revenue. The sales cycle is like a funnel, which begins with marketing to a targeted customer group, which then tapers into leads. These leads in turn further narrow into qualified leads, a portion of which then become sales. The faster and more efficient this cycle – the greater the return on investment. Sales acceleration is the use of techniques and tools to speed up this sales process and to reach completed sales more…Continue Reading “Ensure an Efficient Sales Acceleration Process with These Few Tips”

The Best Way to Sell add-ons

If you’re like most seasoned sales professionals, you have a method to your approach. There’s a specific “stack” you want to sell, and your efforts revolve around techniques that put that stack first and foremost. For many pros and their companies, though, there are things to sell beyond the stack. Add-ons can be a powerful tool in your toolbox and can take a mediocre sale to a great one, or entice a reticent customer to commit. Here are our tips for making add-on selling a…Continue Reading “The Best Way to Sell Add-ons”

How to Implement Incentivized Trips into Your Company

No sales team kicks butt 24/7, 365 days a year. We all fall into slumps, but what can really make or break a sales team’s success is how long those slumps last, and what you as a leader do to break out of them. One way to pull your team out of a slump and get them firing on all cylinders again is to implement an incentivization plan. Trips are a great way to fire people up; who doesn’t love visiting a new place and…Continue Reading “How to Implement Incentivized Trips into Your Company”

Train a new salesperson

Just because someone is new to the sales process doesn’t mean they can’t start contributing to your team (and to the bottom line) relatively quickly. It’s all in how you train your newbie salesperson, and whether or not you set them up for success — or leave them to go it alone. Here’s our checklist for getting your newbie salesperson to hit the ground running, and make a positive contribution to your team right off the bat. Train a new salesperson, success! Play follow the…Continue Reading “Intelliverse’s Checklist for Training a Newbie Salesperson”