How to Evaluate Weak Links in Your Sales Team

In today’s highly competitive sales industry, sales organizations and managers must focus on performance. Success by the individual sales team members translates into success for the organization. Management is able to measure results by various metrics and key performance indicators for the sales team members as well as the organization. However, there are both high performing and underperforming salespeople, just as there are high performing as well as underperforming sales organizations. Management is often presented with the task of evaluating weak links in the sales…Continue Reading “How to Evaluate Weak Links in Your Sales Team”

Sales Trends 2016

The 4th quarter is always a busy time of year with the hubbub of the holidays, travel, parties, and events. In the sales industry, it is also often a year-end push to meet quarterly or annual sales targets, frequently made even more difficult with prospects and customers themselves immersed in year-end activities. In today’s competitive, fast-paced sales environment with empowered buyers and lengthened purchase and sales cycles, actions taken in the 4th quarter are also determinative of incoming 1st quarter results and outcomes. The environment…Continue Reading “Sales Trends 2016: 4th Quarter is the New 1st Quarter”

Sales Acceleration Software: Essential

In the past, the sales profession has often been referred to as an “art,” an intuitive discipline rather than a science. Over the last decade, the industry has changed radically with developing technologies and data science – a dramatic shift in the relationship between the buyer and seller; the rise of the empowered, well educated and demanding buyer; and movement from traditional outbound to inbound marketing and sales. These developments have created very challenging sales environments. Sales acceleration technologies are the next wave to transform…Continue Reading “Sales Acceleration Software: Essential to Compete in 2016”

Achieve 4th Quarter Sales Goals

As year-end approaches, sales teams often face impending 4th Quarter sales goals. Certain industries may have traditionally strong sales in the last annual quarter, while in others sales may be more difficult and fall off. Buyers may have budgeted funds that need to be spent before year-end, or on the other hand that are already completely gone. The push to meet 4th Quarter sales targets can create anxiety. The mandate is to accelerate sales to close before year-end. When there is no time to procrastinate,…Continue Reading “Achieve 4th Quarter Sales Goals – Be Efficient and Effective”

call tracking and call monitoring software

One of the most important elements in the sales process is that of the sales call. The main reason for this being such a crucial stage is that it provides a great channel of immediate, one-on-one interaction with a customer. Whether it is a call to an existing customer or a call to a qualified lead, these calls are what help to solidify where a customer is in the sales life cycle. These calls not only result in possible sales, but they also provide a…Continue Reading “Creating A Call System With Call Tracking and Monitoring Software”

personas to accelerate sales

Buyers in today’s inbound marketing environment are empowered by the information readily available to them and control much of the purchase process. This necessitates marketers to get in front of potential buyers early on and to personalize the buying experience for them. The imperative is to “know your customer.” Marketers sometimes create ‘buyer personas,” an effective technique which allows them to understand, visualize and relate to potential customers and what influences their behavior. This in turn can guide marketing strategies and tactics to focus on…Continue Reading “Using Buyer Personas to Accelerate Sales”

Sales Acceleration

The name says it all: sales acceleration increases the velocity of sales moving through the pipeline. By cutting corners and simultaneously adding powerful tools that proactively jumpstart the process, sales acceleration adds efficiency that saves businesses time and money. When deciding whether or not to make the investment, managers may wonder exactly how much time can be saved. The Need for Speed The many individual tools offered under the umbrella of sales acceleration play a part in helping employees work smarter. Each piece of technology…Continue Reading “Just How Accelerated Is Sales Acceleration?”

use business intelligence in sales acceleration

It’s easy to list off all the reasons that sales acceleration boosts profitability for businesses. What can be forgotten, however, is how much its performance is improved by utilizing business intelligence. Sales acceleration thrives off of accurate business intelligence. In essence, it is the fuel that drives the process. Sales acceleration is a series of mechanisms that work in tandem to push leads through the sales funnel at a faster rate. By feeding this “machine” with qualitative information, it can pump out better results. As…Continue Reading “How to Use Business Intelligence in Sales Acceleration”

Appointment Setting Across Cultures

When setting appointments with others in the same country, people tend to overlook the habits that have become second nature. But if they travel abroad uneducated about the culture of their destination, they will likely fail to make a lasting connection. Every country has its own form of business etiquette often taken for granted, and history is riddled with miscommunication errors that hurt business relations. While there may be much to learn about any given destination, focusing on several factors can help when scheduling appointments….Continue Reading “Appointment Setting Across Cultures – Dos and Don’ts and Where?”

appointment setting

In this digital age with the ability to easily access vast amounts of information by computer and the Internet, much of the sales process involves inbound marketing instead of more traditional outbound marketing. However, the sales cycle still involves turning suspects into prospects, prospects into leads, and then converting those leads into actual customers. The critical step in the process for conversion of the customer is the sales appointment. Nothing can be sold until the sales appointment is set with the right decision maker. Jim…Continue Reading “Appointment Setting 2015 – How to Accelerate Sales Leads”