Why Your Business Needs Local Presence. Today!

A telephone is an essential tool for businesses in outbound sales, as well as for customer service call centers. Caller ID is prevalent on most telephones, some even with audio announcements of the caller’s name or number. In years past, companies would generally have a number with an area code reflecting the company’s physical location or choose to have a toll free number such as an 800 number. With today’s technologies, companies can choose to have a number displayed on the caller ID with the…Continue Reading “Why Your Business Needs Local Presence. Today!”

Sales New Year Begins in Q4

Most of us wish each other a “Happy New Year” on January 1st. Different cultures, however, celebrate the new year on different days- Chinese New Year is usually late January/early February; Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is celebrated in early fall; and various Nava (new) Varsha (year) celebrations take place in India in March and April. Although most company budgets and sales plans restart on January 1, the Sales New Year actually begins 3 months early in Q4 of the previous year. Below are the Top…Continue Reading “The Sales New Year Begins in Q4”

intelliverse on tv

This past week, Intelliverse‘s CEO, Sean Gordon, had the opportunity to be a guest on Atlanta Tech Edge. The weekly television news show runs on 11Alive, Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, and is hosted by investment aficionado Wes Moss. Wes is no stranger to TV having appeared as a contestant on season 2 of “The Apprentice.” Atlanta Tech Edge has been airing on Sunday mornings for a little over a year. 11Alive’s decision to produce this show with an A-list host and in a decent time slot…Continue Reading “Intelliverse on Atlanta Tech TV Show Further Proves City’s Tech Edge”

Big Data vs Small Data

In the world, so immense and full of possibilities and what if’s, how can someone who needs to make a choice know that they are making the right one? With new technology and apps at your fingertips that tell you everything you need to know about yourself and your business, how can you trust that those apps are telling you the correct information? The answer is simple, you can’t. But, it is important to remember that this technology, the apps, and the internet are constantly…Continue Reading “Big Data vs. Small Data”

Business RadioX's Atlanta Technology Leaders

I recently had the opportunity to appear on Atlanta Technology Leaders- a radio show on Atlanta Business RadioX, an internet station focused on helping local businesses get the word out about important work they’re doing for their market, their community, and their profession. The full interview can be heard here but below is a summary of what we discussed. The host, Kevin Fynn, invited me on the show to talk about my recent appointment to the board of the Greater Alpharetta Technology Network. Intelliverse and Sales…Continue Reading ““Atlanta Technology Leaders” on Atlanta Business RadioX”

sales planing

As the last few business days of the year approaches, many businesses (including Intelliverse) are planning budgets, goals, and strategies for 2014. Before you jump right into your 2014 Sales Planning, it’s important to look back at 2013 metrics so you can put together a realistic plan for the upcoming year. Analyze Current Year Sales & Marketing Results Have you gathered the key data that quantify your 2013 results? Sales by Month Sales by Lead Source (online marketing, events, referrals, etc.) # of Leads by Month…Continue Reading “2014 Sales Planning”