Create The Perfect Strategy With Sales Acceleration

The overarching goal for most businesses that provide products or services to customers is to increase sales volume and return on investment. While easy to state in concept, it is often difficult to achieve increases in both of these in tandem. It is a continuing quest to more efficiently allocate time and resources, both human resources as well as dollar investment. The Strategy The sales cycle is often conceptualized with the analogy of a funnel, which starts at the top with advertising to a target…Continue Reading “Create The Perfect Strategy With Sales Acceleration”

2015 Business Revolution

How much money does your business spend on outreach? In 2014 the average amount ranged between 9 and 12 percent of sales revenues and could go up to 50 percent when new products are launched. Sales acceleration incorporates strategies that allows sales teams to automate processes and therefore reduce the number of resources spent on outreach. Before a company can make the most of this results-oriented strategy, it is essential to understand what sales acceleration is, how it creates an efficient sales funnel and which…Continue Reading “The 2015 Business Revolution: Sales Acceleration”


Digital technology and the Internet have provided buyers with easy access to more and more brands, sellers, purchase information and buying opportunities. Customers are able to access products and solutions faster. Those changing patterns and technology have also transformed traditional marketing and sales force activity. This is especially true with respect to customer leads in that lead management particularly lends itself to technology solutions. Most sales organizations need new tools and processes to meet the demands of the online age. Many employ technologies to shorten…Continue Reading “The Perfect Marriage – Leads And Technology”

Email Tracking

Many companies use sales acceleration techniques to help prospects move through the sales cycle and reach the final purchase decision, particularly in connection with inbound marketing efforts. Marketers’ interactions with consumers obviously depend on effective communications. In today’s digital age, email has a primary communication role all the way through the sales process, important from the very beginning in generating leads and even after a sale is completed in nurturing to retain that customer’s loyalty. A primary way for marketers to get the prospect engaged…Continue Reading “Email Tracking – Enhancing Sales Acceleration Efforts”

Optimal Pace for Your Sales Team

When getting your team ready for the challenges ahead, the classic tale of “The Tortoise and the Hare” might be the last thing on the mind of sales leaders. How could this children’s story provide any insight before heading off into the field? As a salesperson, you know it’s imperative to quickly and effectively find new ways to continuously reach, convey and deliver value while working in a fast-paced environment. Yet, there’s also an undeniable benefit that can be gained by a tortoise’s slow and…Continue Reading “The Optimal Pace for Your Sales Team: Tortoise or Hare”

lead generation networking

Networking can bring a struggling company to the top of the corporate ladder thanks to positive interactions with the right people. Whether a company is just beginning their lead generation adventure or if they have been in business for years, figuring out the best ways to utilize a lead generation network in a mutually beneficial manner can make a noticeable difference in sales. Demonstrate Your Appreciation Companies who have already benefited from a lead generation contact should begin with the tactic of appreciation. No matter…Continue Reading “3 Essential Tips For Lead Generation Networking”

social media practices

Social media has continued to grow as a vital part of online marketing plans and as a valuable lead generation tool for businesses worldwide. Developing and maintaining a social media plan for your business not only helps capture new prospects, but also nurtures current clients or customers, builds brand awareness, and helps educate internet users on your business’s value. Develop a Strategic Social Media Schedule Where companies choose to post their social media content is important, but considering what time of day they actually post…Continue Reading “3 Critical Social Media Practices for Businesses”

Deal Generation

Deal generation is set to overcome lead generation within the year. This modern-day sales strategy focuses on making meaningful connections with qualified prospects, which reduces legwork and results in an increase in conversion rates and close ratios. Focus on Qualified Prospects While the original version of lead generation emphasized finding leads who had the potential to convert to customers, deal generation only focuses on those prospects who are qualified. These prospects are genuinely interested in the company, possess a strong match with the company’s ideal…Continue Reading “Deal Generation to Become the New Lead Generation in 2015”

Convert Consumers In The Decision Making

Many marketers use a sales acceleration strategy of more frequent contact, more information, and more repetition. However, with an overload of information, consumers may just shut down. Too much choice can be debilitating for the consumer decision-making process. In a widely cited and revealing experiment, Sheena Iyengar, of Columbia Business School, presented a sampling table in front of an upscale specialty market that offered shoppers tastings of flavored jams of several brands and a discount coupon for the purchase of any. The first test included…Continue Reading “How To Convert Consumers In The Decision Making Process”

appointment setting for small businesses

If you’re a small business, winning sales appointments over large companies may often feel like David fighting against a multitude of Goliaths. But, if you take a simple shift in perspective, you’ll see that you actually have many advantages over large companies— all it takes is playing up these advantages to win over prospects to the services of your small business. While David was much smaller than Goliath, he had many strengths that Goliath didn’t. For starters, he was more mobile; he had a greater…Continue Reading “Appointment Setting for Small Businesses: How to Be Heard Above the Big Dogs”