Businesses unanimously agree that sales is their primary concern that reoccurs often and entirely unexpected at times. It is the key aspect that turns leads into potential customers and hence ensures revenue for their operations. Usually, employers hire a sales team to manage their sales pipeline—from identifying leads to selling products to them. But, finding and hiring the right employees is a long process that consumes a lot of time and energy. At times, employees will fall short of meeting employer expectations and vice versa….Continue Reading “How to Build Your Sales Pipeline Using Managed Appointment Setting Services?”

ATLANTA, March 25, 2020 ( – Intelliverse, a global cloud communications company that specializes in solutions that help businesses and customers connect, has announced that it will be providing the Premium version of its CRM, IntelliDialer Software for Salesforce and Cloud Contact Center free of charge for the next three months to all businesses that are affected by COVID-19. Companies are scrambling to adapt to the new remote business environment as everybody is affected by the impact of COVID-19. As leaders and health-care providers work…Continue Reading “Intelliverse Offers Salesforce App, CRM and Cloud Contact Center Free for Three Months”

Scheduling and appointments are an essential aspect of any experienced sales professional. In the true sense of the word, appointment setting is all about convincing the prospect that you have something valuable for them. Just as sales automation software is essential for sales and marketing companies and organizations to remain at the forefront of the competition, it is essential for sales professionals to adopt certain tactics. Here is where managed appointment setting services can be quite useful to ensure that that they connect with the…Continue Reading “Eight Key Tactics the Pros Use for Appointment Setting”

Does intelligent dialing boost sales? Yes, intelligent dialing does boost sales and helps progress towards generating more leads. Introduction In simple terms, Dialing is the action of initiating resourceful dialing on a phone which facilitates to make and record calls directly from your browser. It empowers sales professionals by boosting results as they are more efficient and effective, this is usually by smarter calls which results to more number of prospects and generate sales revenue. It’s said the telephone is the number one tool that…Continue Reading “How intelligent dialing can boost your sales”

What is inside sales? Inside sales are the process of selling products or services by phone, email and the internet to reach customers rather than by meeting them physically. It has a high dependency on technology for its processes. An Inside sale is also called remote sales or virtual sales. Inside sales are mostly done in B2B environments; It is constantly evolving and is now found that it is at a rate of 15 times faster than outside sales. It has that faster growth because…Continue Reading “Inside sales strategies for beginners in 2020”

Is generating leads a challenge? 61% of marketers say generating leads is their top challenge. Lead generation is all about finding those who are interested in the product or services offered. Lead generation often stimulates the interest of potential customers for your product or service to qualify them as a prospect. Lead generation is very important because it enables the business to create interests which leads to more sales and higher conversion rates. 85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important marketing…Continue Reading “7 Best lead generation practices”

In B2B sales, setting an appointment with the prospects is one of the first steps needed to close the deal. So, once the sales personnel have a lead, they need to focus on getting an appointment. However, this requires additional effort as the sales reps have to follow up with every lead regularly. For this, they need extra time as they also have to focus on other aspects of the process, such as lead management. Lead management includes lead generation, lead qualification, creating proposals, meeting…Continue Reading “Three Simple Ways B2B Appointment Setting Can Help Your Business”

Lead Generation is one of the key functions and has a profound impact on the growth and profitability of an enterprise. When performed appropriately, it can create a perennial flow of leads, ensuring steady growth and business continuity. A company can accumulate leads from multiple channels, which include both online and offline. Most of the time, it is the company’s website that acts as an ideal platform to get a lead. However, a lead can also come through a phone call, or even through word…Continue Reading “Why Lead Generation is Important for your Business”

What is cold calling? Cold calling is a process where phone calls are made to people without prior information, with the objective to market or sell products or services is of a company. It is considered as one of the most effective techniques used for lead generation. Unlike other marketing methods, cold calling puts businesses and customers into direct contact with each other. It is an attempt to educate and convert potential leads to purchase either the product or service offered. Cold calling is a…Continue Reading “Generating leads through cold calling”

Managing to get a sales appointment is as good as half the sale. It is because, getting the appointment from the prospective client during a B2B sales call means that you have identified a potential client who is most likely to get converted. Hence, appointment setting is a crucial aspect of the B2B sales process. Discussed below are some of the tried and tested tips as well as techniques that can be useful when it comes to appointment setting. 1.Build Rapport When you, as a…Continue Reading “Five Appointment setting techniques that take you to next stage”