Lead generation is one of the first and most important stages in the sales funnel. While it is essential, it is also one of the toughest. 65% of businesses consider lead generation as their biggest marketing challenge. It is about collecting all the relevant information about potential customers, which needs meticulous planning and strategizing. In the B2B sales process, this information would usually include the name of the target company, contact information of the decision-makers, their job titles, the total number of employees, etc. Every…Continue Reading “Best Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business”

In sales terminology, closing is a step when the prospect agrees or decides to buy the product being offered to him by the salesperson. As the entire effort made by the sales rep culminates at this step, it is the most crucial aspect of the entire sales process. It is also the most difficult. Hubspot has found that the average close rate for all industries is 19%, which roughly means only one in every five sales pitch ends in a successful closing. Hence, it is…Continue Reading “The Most Important Steps You Need To Take To Master Sales Closing”

A sales team can achieve its target only when it has sufficient leads to contact. When they have to achieve the numbers through cold calling, there is always a scope for most of the calls ending up at voicemails going unanswered or being abandoned. It has been estimated that, on average, sales reps make 52 calls a day, and 15% of their time is spent leaving voicemails. Even though sales personnel undergo intensive training, they may get demotivated if they are unable to find the…Continue Reading “Three ways a sales dialer can help in closing more deals”

The art of sales is all about convincing the clients to buy from you, which can be a tough job. It can be even more difficult when you have to convince an unknown person over a phone in the very first interaction. Known as Cold-Calling, it seemingly appears as one of the toughest tasks in sales. The approach is used by sales personnel to contact individuals whom they have never met or know personally. Moreover, these individuals neither know nor have expressed an interest in…Continue Reading “Cold Calling – How to break the ice”

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Intelliverse announces the launch of its new Free Sales CRM with many industry first features Intelliverse, a global leader in Sales Acceleration solutions, has launched IntelliSales CRM today. IntelliSales CRM is an intelligent Sales CRM which is free for unlimited users and includes unlimited support. One of many innovative features is pay-as-you-go calling feature from within the CRM. This allows the businesses to set their own budget for CRM and sales software. Along with this new free CRM, Intelliverse has brought…Continue Reading “Intelliverse Launches Free IntelliSales CRM”


It’s pretty interesting to note how CRM has evolved from 1980’s to the present day form with all its sophisticated features. The evolution of CRM is also interesting from the stand point how business operations and requirements have changed over the years. The journey of the CRM and its gradual sophistication implies the evolution of customer communication as well. Along with all these information, this infographic depicts revealing statistics regarding the impact of CRM on business and its usage patterns. Overall, this infographic will give…Continue Reading “How CRM has evolved in the last 35 years (Infographic)”

Lead generation is one of the major concerns of all sales organizations. Nevertheless, there can be a systematic plan for lead generation which can lead to a simple yet effective lead generation process. This infographic describes a seven-step procedure for lead generation, easy to implement and execute that can generate leads effortlessly. The infographic is replete with the practical acumen and experience of the seasoned salespeople which makes it a must read, irrespective of your background and experience in sales.

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Finding leads and converting them into customers is your ultimate goal. There are many ways to do it, and cold-calling has traditionally been one of the major tactics used. Many sales personnel vouch for it, while some feel it’s archaic. Some believe that it can yield a large number of opportunities in the sales funnel, while others consider it to have a low strike-rate. While everyone is entitled to have an opinion, let’s evaluate it effectiveness by taking a pragmatic look at its pros and…Continue Reading “How to increase your sales opportunities”

Predictive Analytics

Generating leads regularly is one of the common challenges faced by sales personnel. However, converting the leads into loyal customers is even more difficult. Spending time on leads that wouldn’t convert would result in wastage of precious time and resources. Hence, qualifying leads through the proper scoring process can minimize these expenditures. The process of lead qualification cannot work on intuition, as you can’t merely guess which lead would end up getting converted into a customer. For this, you need a reliable sales-technology, and predictive…Continue Reading “How Can Predictive Analytics be used for Lead Scoring?”


Selling can be highly rewarding when you are able to reach your targets within the specified time. For this, you need an endless stream of prospects enthusiastically buying your products, which can be achieved by filling the sales funnel with new leads. However, it can be quite difficult for sales personnel to concentrate on the dual task of closing the deals with existing prospects while also focusing on generating new leads. It can be even more frustrating when you are not aware of your targets….Continue Reading “How to make Continuous Sales Prospecting more effective”