Appointment Setting

How to Build Your Sales Pipeline Using Managed Appointment Setting Services?

Businesses unanimously agree that sales is their primary concern that reoccurs often and entirely unexpected at times. It is the key aspect that turns leads into potential customers and hence ensures revenue for their operations. Usually, employers hire a sales team to manage their sales pipeline—from identifying leads to selling products to them. But, finding […]

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Press Release

Intelliverse Offers Salesforce App, CRM and Cloud Contact Center Free for Three Months

ATLANTA, March 25, 2020 ( – Intelliverse, a global cloud communications company that specializes in solutions that help businesses and customers connect, has announced that it will be providing the Premium version of its CRM, IntelliDialer Software for Salesforce and Cloud Contact Center free of charge for the next three months to all businesses that […]

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How intelligent dialing can boost your sales

Does intelligent dialing boost sales? Yes, intelligent dialing does boost sales and helps progress towards generating more leads. Introduction In simple terms, Dialing is the action of initiating resourceful dialing on a phone which facilitates to make and record calls directly from your browser. It empowers sales professionals by boosting results as they are more […]

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