Maximizing the potential of your inside sales team

According to a research study by IDC, more than one-third of weekly selling time is lost due to poor sales enablement. According to the study, inside sales representatives spend 26% of their week on administrative tasks and another 36% searching for marketing materials, prospect/customer related information, and creating sales presentations. This hints that integrating systems with applications that provide more transparency and a 360-degree view can prove powerful in improving productivity. Below are a few tips in maximizing accountability and the potential of an inside…Continue Reading “Maximizing the potential of your inside sales team”

Sales Planning Guide eBook

A sales planning guide is an action plan taking account of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to prioritize your imperatives for hitting the quota month after month. Formulating a sales plan is mandatory to keep the performance ticking of the most important function of your business: sales. The industry leaders and the best of the brands maintain it, and that helps them to earn the projected revenue and hit the revenue targets. Sales is a dynamic function which makes it difficult for teams to…Continue Reading “Sales Planning Guide 2018-eBook”

Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, and Habits (KASH)

They often say selling is both an art and science. Wonder why? Selling requires both hard and soft skills. Knowledge and skills refer to the technical expertise and understanding customer needs and how your product or service fulfills those needs, which relate to the left side of the brain. As knowledge is the sum total of both academic and practical learning acquired over a period of time, it decides the competence and successful individuals in any career. Skill refers to the competencies gained through experience…Continue Reading “Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, and Habits (KASH) – matters most for success in sales”

Ten traits of a super salesperson

Abraham is one of the star salesmen in a company who is into software selling in the B2B arena. Abraham says sales is an exciting profession for him with an element of instant gratification as he can close the deals faster. Jenny joined the organization a year ago, but she finds sales an intimidating profession as she can’t close deals so easily. This is something that is widely noticed in sales. Few are exceptionally successful in selling while others find it hard to cope. Identifying…Continue Reading “Ten traits of a super salesperson”

recruit top sales talents

The reality of sales is that 80% percent of sales are most often produced by 20% of the sales force, also known as the 80/20 rule. Therefore, finding those who will rise to the top 20% is a priority for recruiters. Peak sales performers have an inquisitive nature and seek to understand as much as possible about the prospect’s business and decision-making process. They have a high need for achievement, are result-oriented, responsive, act with a sense of urgency, and remain calm in the face…Continue Reading “How to Recruit Top Sales Talents for Your Organization?”

Our top 10 sales blogs of 2017

The year 2017 had been really great for Intelliverse, and we hope it was for you as well. Let’s look at retrospect what 2017 taught us so that we can take these lessons to 2018 and make it more prosperous. The top 10 sales blogs which were read the most are listed below for you to peruse and keep abreast with the trends. 5 Mistakes Salespeople Make and How to Avoid Them Sales is a rewarding profession if you can adopt the right habits. Sales careers…Continue Reading “Our Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of 2017”

emotional intelligence

According to the business dictionary, emotional intelligence (EI) is defined as “the ability to identify, assess, and influence one’s own feelings and those of others.” As it is a recognized fact that a handful of top salespeople are attributed with the majority of each company’s sales, research suggests that those top performers are endowed with stronger emotional quotient (EQ) than the average salesperson. A study conducted on more than 40 Fortune 500 companies also revealed that salespersons with higher EI outperformed their peers with low…Continue Reading “Using emotional intelligence to accelerate sales”

sales culture for higher sales productivity

What are businesses doing to increase productivity within this new sales environment while also maintaining sales engagement and focus? While many tools are available, it is important to maintain a clear business vision, strategy, and execution methods. The following characteristics are the key to creating a high performing sales culture with a productive sales process that keeps sales teams both engaged and accountable. Collaborative Environment A collaborative work environment encourages the sales force to work in tandem while increasing synergy and efficiency. With more companies…Continue Reading “Creating effective sales culture for higher sales productivity”

Sales Cycles and Higher Win Rates

It is essential for a sales team and an organization to understand their sales cycles so they may properly execute their sales plan and exceed quotas. Sales cycles usually depend of the size of the deal and the pricing involved- generally, the larger the deal or the higher the price; the longer the sales cycle and vice–versa. Below are ways that a sales team may close deals, regardless of size, in less time. Measure each stage of the sales cycle Confirm stated sales metrics provide…Continue Reading “Sales Cycles and Higher Win Rates”

Essentials of B2B sales qualification

Qualifying the prospect is an essential aspect of any B2B sales process and, although understanding the necessary steps may be easy, the overall process is often a challenge. Ultimately, the following two fundamental questions must be understood: can the prospect help me and can I help them?  If the answer is yes to both, there is a high likelihood of winning the prospect’s business. Sales and Marketing professionals recognize that receiving a direct response to these questions is unlikely, therefore understanding the buyer’s thought process…Continue Reading “Essentials of B2B sales qualification”