mistakes sales people make

Sales is a rewarding profession if you can adopt the right habits. Sales careers are most often fast-paced, offer continual challenges and gratification, and provide the opportunity to make a direct impact on individual income. It is an exciting profession for people who have the right skill sets and can handle a variety of situations. A few turn out to be super salespersons, while many often fail. Below is the list of mistakes salespeople commit and the ways to rectify them. Mistake #1: Rationalization of sales…Continue Reading “5 mistakes salespeople make and how to avoid them”

Gamification – Applications in the Workplace

There has been much discussion in recent years about the rapid growth of businesses and other organizations using “gamification” or the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts. Gamification helps to cut the boredom and induce a competitive spree among the employees and the users enhancing the output of processes. These techniques are being used across a broad range of applications to achieve a variety of goals. Human-Focused Design Yu Kai Chou, who has lectured at Stanford University and in Ted Talks, describes…Continue Reading “Gamification – Applications in the Workplace”

2016's Best New Apps on Salesforce App Exchange

Salesforce is a veritable behemoth of knowledge, resources, and tools for sales teams and individual sales professionals, and their AppExchange is no exception. With nearly 3,000 apps on the exchange, sorting through them all and weeding out the wheat from the chaff is no small task. To make your life a bit easier, we’re sharing our take on the exchange’s best apps for sales professionals, including some insight into what makes these apps better from the rest. These are widely used by the sales professionals…Continue Reading “2016’s Best New Apps on Salesforce App Exchange”

Sales KPI

Determining your key performance indicators (KPIs) can be one of the most important things you do as a sales leader. These are the operating metrics to run your sales organization. But before we jump into defining your sales KPIs, we have to make an important distinction between two measurements: metrics and activities. A metric is a lagging indicator. Some examples include revenue, close rate, deal size and sales cycle length. These tell you what has already happened and how well you’re doing. Activities, on the…Continue Reading “5 Steps for Identifying Sales KPIs That Matter”

Set Proper Sales Expectations & Goals

How do you set demanding sales goals that push sales reps to go beyond their comfort zone but aren’t set so high that they’re unattainable to reach? Goals that are stretched too much leads to impossible demands and counterproductive results. If salespeople find the goals unachievable, they disengage and the sales results droop even lower than they would have been if the goals were set at achievable levels. Having lofty goals – and high expectations – for your sales outcomes is part of the game. In…Continue Reading “How to Set Proper Sales Expectations & Goals”


In today’s age of information, we are surrounded with useful data that we either didn’t know existed or were simply unable to obtain and use it to our advantage. Information that could greatly benefit our businesses and accelerate overall sales is extensively used by organizations today. To aid with this, companies of all sizes are turning to a wide variety of sales acceleration software for data collection and analysis. One of the most helpful, and often times overlooked, applications is that of email tracking. Email…Continue Reading “The Many Benefits of Free Email Tracking Software”

The Importance of Local Presence in B2B Sales

Most people dislike making cold calls. However, sales organizations constantly need to bring in new prospects to bring in new business. As the name indicates, sales acceleration technologies are tools to accelerate or speed up the sales cycle. These tools can dramatically change the cold calling process in outbound business-to-business sales. Even with the prevalence of online communications today, the telephone is an essential for enterprises in outbound sales, telemarketing and customer service call centers. Virtually all telephones now have caller ID displaying some information…Continue Reading “The Importance of Local Presence in B2B Sales”


Marketers and businesses are always looking to better understand their customers and potential customers, seeking to know what influences the purchase decision, and what actions, triggers or encouragements will accelerate sales. Organizations started relying upon data science to gain valuable information including insights into customer behavior from the growing volumes and types of data – sometimes called “Big Data,” which, the critics call an informal way of referring to lots of data. In the past few years, organizations have shown renewed interest in the area of…Continue Reading “Predictive Analytics – Predicting and Influencing Behavior”

Data–Analytics in Real Time

The Big Data Explosion There is much current writing on the phenomena of big data with the explosion in data volumes and new and varied types of sources. Data analysis has emerged to be vital for businesses today. It informs everything – cost analysis, inventory control, financial reporting, lead generation, customer profiles, sales acceleration and more. As economic and societal activities have become increasingly digitized in people’s’ lives, vast amounts of data are created every moment. As technologies have become more powerful and advanced, enterprises…Continue Reading “Streaming Unstructured Data – Analytics in Real Time”


Ask someone to define their style, and they’ll probably start listing off adjectives that relate to the clothes they wear, the music they like, the activities they enjoy and the type of car they drive. For sales professionals, though, style can extend into the way they do business. Knowing what kind of sales style you follow can provide insight into your strengths, improvement areas, and how to grow and adapt by using other styles outside your wheelhouse. Here are some of the most common selling…Continue Reading “What’s your Sales Style?”