Marketers clearly influence consumers by delivering relevant messages and content and making the shopping experiences more personal to them. This personalization enhances the buying experience for a prospective customer, and as a result can also accelerate sales, improve conversion rates and increase revenues. Personalization offers the buyers a great shopping experience along with surging the sales figures of the sellers. Amazon, the e-commerce retail giant, was a pioneer in these efforts, creating very effective, personalized product recommendations beginning in early 2000. Research studies also support…Continue Reading “The Power of Personalized Product Recommendations”

5 Stages of Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is a process that turns your target market into a customer sale. Breaking down the process into 5 stages can help you not only notice areas of improvement but figure out ways in which you can increase sales and make your work more efficient and effective. The first three stages of sales prospecting are the ideal customer profile, suspects, and prospects. These three stages are essential to determining who you want to target, which of your suspects fit into this target and interacting…Continue Reading “The 5 Stages of Sales Prospecting”

How to Structure Your Sales Team

Hiring top sales talent is a crucial factor for building a successful sales team, and as a manager or VP, it can be tempting to rely solely on the sales chops each individual brings to the table to drive success. Unfortunately, though, as your team grows, this becomes less feasible. It might work to have a handful of sales reps doing their own thing. A team of 50 or even 100 sales reps, though, quickly becomes unruly and unmanageable without a solid structure in place….Continue Reading “How to Structure Your Sales Team for Maximum Return”

Improve Efficiency and Enhance Customer Experience

Sales force automation technologies have increased exponentially in recent years and businesses are implementing these software solutions at a rapid pace to enhance productivity, accelerate the sales cycle and improve revenue. As the name implies, sales force automation (SFA) is basically the process of maximizing the efficiency of the repeatable processes a sales person performs, utilizing software tools to automate and streamline business tasks within the sales process. However, SFA solutions also do much more: by automating tasks, it also gathers data on the performance…Continue Reading “Sales Force Automation – Improve Efficiency and Enhance Customer Experience”

The secret of a successful sales manager

Why do many successful sales reps fail at managing and motivating their sales team? Is the skill set required to be a sales manager significantly different? What are the common challenges faced by sales managers? Is it understanding the product, people, market, or do they fail in motivating and coaching their team to success? Companies frequently promote successful sales reps to management and often the resulting performance is lackluster. What does it take to be a sales manager and what are the secrets of a…Continue Reading “The Secret of a Successful Sales Manager”

motivate underperforming sales staff

In a perfect world, your team would come to work every day amped about their jobs, ready to sell to the best of their ability, and leave feeling accomplished and satisfied. Sometimes, that world is a reality. What’s far more likely, though, is facing the challenge of motivating an underperforming sales professional or even an entire sales team. Some abide by the “get on board or get out” policy, and there are certainly circumstances where firing an employee is an appropriate response, but it should…Continue Reading “How to Motivate your Under-Performing Salespeople”

How to Effectively Sell to Millennials

Generation Y has been making waves in the business world as both productive workers and dependable consumers deeming it essential to gain a thorough understanding of the ways to appeal to their unique characteristics and needs. The three tips below address the best ways to capitalize on this technology-savvy generation. Cater to Their Characteristics It is vital to understand who generation Y is prior to developing a targeted lead generation strategy. Generation Y, who are also known as the millennials, comprises the group of people…Continue Reading “How to Effectively Sell to Millennials”

Convert B2B Leads

The business-to-business industry may very well face one of the most difficult challenges in regards to generating leads. While some efforts may have no success or gradually fall short, these results-oriented tactics will help a B2B lead generation strategy continually see positive results. Test Prior to Purchase There are several B2B lead generation tactics that have been introduced within the past few years, all of which can assist with the dissemination of executive-level information. Despite the supposed success rates of these new measures, it is…Continue Reading “Convert B2B Leads to Long-Term Customers”

Leads, Prospects - Are They Qualified?

Although “prospects” and “leads” may be regarded as interchangeable terms, it is vital to note the new meaning when “qualified” is added beforehand. A qualified prospect offers a salesperson the greatest potential to land a potentially lucrative and sizeable deal, so the last thing a salesperson wants to do is waste time and energy with unqualified prospects. Looking at the stages of sales prospecting can help distinguish qualified prospects from leads. As you move through the sales prospecting process, you will notice that prospects are…Continue Reading “Call Them Leads, Call Them Prospects – But Are They Qualified?”

Become an Expert

How many articles have you read lately, that talk of closing more sales and if you have, you would admit they say almost the same. There’s certainly value in reading up on the latest cold calling, email, and networking techniques, but if you haven’t taken a look at your website lately, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your industry and close more sales. Being an expert in your field makes the sales process easier. You have case…Continue Reading “How to Become an Expert in Your Industry (and close more sales)”