A simple Google search for Millennials turns up a seemingly unending supply of content.

In particular, you’ll find thousands of posts on what makes Millennials individuals, a generation different from any other.

Some of it might be a bit eye-roll-inducing, but there’s definitely something to be said for treating Millennials differently in the workplace.

They look at work, and their place in their chosen industry, in a way that’s distinctly different from their older peers, and job satisfaction, in general, means more to them than you’ll find among individuals in later generations.

For that reason, recognizing a Millennial for a job well done looks quite a bit different as compared to recognizing a Baby Boomer. Here are some ways to do it right.

However, you recognize them, do it a LOT

Millennials value feedback.

They want to hear often and regularly about how they’re doing so that they may improve and grow. So whatever you decide to do to show your Millennial staff that you recognize and acknowledge them, make sure you’re doing it often and consistently – and no, that doesn’t mean just at quarterly review time.

Make ties to specific /behavior

A generalized show of approval is good, but you can do better, and your Millennial staff will expect it. At every possible opportunity, tie your recognition to a specific act or outcome your Millennial team members are responsible for.

Make it a surprise

While your Boomer staff might love a note or gift of recognition at their traditional milestone markers like the 10 or 30-year mark, Millennials care about such things far less. They’re more interested in being recognized (as mentioned) for specific achievements, and they want the whole group to know about it.

Personalize your recognition

There’s a reason Millennials are called the Me Generation.

Whenever possible, your recognition of your Millennial staff, whether it’s in the form of a gift card, letter, item, or announcement, should be custom fit to their personality. If that means getting Jon a gift card to REI because he loves fishing but giving Emily a letterpress kit because she’s a budding artist, so be it!

Motivator tools are another great way to keep your Millennial team members happy, and Intelliverse comes chock full of recognition tools, as well as games, leaderboards, and lots more!

Keep your “Me Generation” team members feeling happy and fulfilled, and they’ll return the favor tenfold.