Sales are sales. Right? Well, not quite. The fundamentals may remain pretty much the same, but the realities of today’s top sales professionals are changing as rapidly as the technological landscape those professionals find themselves in.
We drilled down to the numbers to get to the heart of what those changes look like – and what they mean for your team and your sales acceleration efforts. Here are some sales acceleration stats that may surprise you. Or, maybe you have sensed these changes yourself. Either way, knowledge is power, so now you know, what will you do to improve your team’s efforts?


Must Know Sales acceleration Stats

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Salespeople make, on average, 25 calls to get just one conversion. Those numbers get more and more challenging every year, with more calls required for an even lower conversion rate. That’s why working smarter, not harder, is the name of the game in sales today.

One-third of sales calls are virtually a waste of time. This is due to salespeople being given poor sales information, information that encourages them to chase down an unqualified lead.

Without sales acceleration, the typical sales rep can make less than 20 calls in an hour. With sales acceleration software, that spikes to more than 40. That equates to an average of 14 more appointments and 1,200 more dials per month among sales professionals using sales automation tools.

Here’s a surprise: 44 percent of sales professionals will quit after just a single “no.” That’s unfortunate because 80 percent of deals are closed on the fifth to 12th contact!

Leads are time-sensitive: 50 percent of deals go to the vendor who calls first. Yet less than 40 percent of leads are contacted within an hour.

What do all of these stats add up to?

There’s a clear need for sales professionals today to improve their lead quality, accelerate their outreach, broaden their contacts and bring a sense of urgency to the outreach process. That’s where sales acceleration efforts come in.

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