Suppose you had all the time in the world and prospective customers with an equal amount of flexibility.

You could spend as much time as you needed explaining the benefits of your product, exploring the nuances of how it can benefit your prospect, and answering any and all questions that might arise.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Unfortunately, it is. Precisely zero sales professionals have all the time in the world to pitch their product, and fewer prospects have the time to listen.

That’s why having a simple, concise, and to-the-point sales message is so important. When you have a severely limited amount of time to communicate the most important things you need to say, being economical with words is paramount.

Here are some ways to ensure your message is hard-hitting and simple.

Know your customer before you utter a single word

Having a general, simple elevator pitch is great – definitely spend the time and brainpower developing that.

But when it comes to direct interaction with your prospect, do your homework ahead of time to know what specific nuance you can weave into your sales message that will really hit home with that customer and that customer specifically.

Pretend you’re a total newbie

Being embedded in the industry 24/7 means you probably have a deep understanding of your service, your product, the surrounding market and industry, and the competition. Your customers, though, probably don’t, especially if you’re in a niche market.

So remember, whatever jargon, insider details, or deep knowledge you have will go over like an inside joke at a party: badly.

Put yourself in the shoes of a newbie to really trim down your message to the bare – and clear – essentials.

Hone in on the problem

You may have a laundry list of benefits that your product will bring to your prospective customer, but what they’re really concerned about is what your product will do to solve the problems they have. Turn your sales pitch from that laundry list of benefits into a quick-hitting highlight of the one problem your prospect will no longer face, thanks to your product.

Make it easy

Remove all barriers to moving forward with your product by making the close of your sales message a clear, distinctive, actionable Call To Action. It can be booking a demo, setting up a group meeting, starting a free trial, or pulling the trigger and going for gold – whatever it is, make it easy as pie for your prospect to take that next step.

Sales acceleration software can help you hone in on your key messages, target customers more effectively, send better emails, and fill your funnels more quickly.

With a simplified sales message, too, you’ll be unstoppable.