What if someone would tell you that adopting a direct dial strategy could generate a million dollars in your business? You wouldn’t believe that, probably. You might confuse how it could be possible with direct dials. It is perhaps because you already know that the goal is not simple and far away from reality.

Is it really very far?
Let’s make it clear. Here we discuss how direct dials can increase your business revenue.

The Significance of Connect Rate

Before discussing the impact of a direct dial strategy, we must understand what a connect rate is. It is the average number of calls a sales rep makes to get a prospect on the phone. The average connect rate is 18 calls to one connection, according to industry research.

Now, imagine the scenario in which you have 25 people working in the sales team. Each of them makes 52 calls per day. Assume that your working days are 250 a year. How would it be if you could improve your connect rate by just one call? Your team would generate more than 1,063 conversations with prospects annually. Right?
That means your sales reps will meet more than their annual targets.

Advantages of Using Direct Dials

1. Improve the Connect Rate

Switchboard operators and receptionists are the people who help us make our business calls reaching their target.

According to statistics;

• It takes 22 minutes to connect with a prospect using switchboard numbers, while direct dials take just 5 minutes.

• A sales rep’s usage of direct dial reaches 46% more to the prospect at the director level than a sales rep not using it.

• A sales rep’s usage of direct dial reaches 147% more to the prospect at the VP level than a sales rep not using it.

These statistics reveal that a direct dial strategy can significantly impact sales processes by increasing productivity. The increase in connect rate and closed deals generate more sales conversations and business revenue.

2. Enhance Productivity of Sales Reps

Research explains that sales reps spend only 33% of their working time in selling activities. They are bound to perform tasks such as research, data entry, call scheduling, etc. in the rest of the hours. Direct dials resolve this limitation of sales reps by enabling them to spend more time in sales operations. For this, it connects decision-makers easily and quickly over the phone. Thus, sales reps can save time and utilize it to engage in sales operations.

3. Enable to Target Decision Makers

Sales reps usually target decision-makers in the organization. Direct dials empower sales reps to identify and directly reach their targeted prospects without wasting time and effort. This leading to a growth in sales. Once a sales rep proves his/her capability to target key decision-makers and influencers, it inspires them to aim higher and work harder to close more deals. This significantly improves sales performance and operations.

4. Easiness in Training New Sales Staff

Training newly joined employees is a necessary aspect of the business. It seems comprehensive since freshers go through a long learning curve. In the absence of a direct dial, sales managers are supposed to bring the entire workflows to manage situations. This leaves the sales rep unreached to decision-makers and adds a new layer of management by improving employee monitoring and onboarding time. All this can avoid by adopting direct dial in sales.

In Brief

Direct dials drive sales growth to your business by improving connect rate and obtaining sales reps to the sales funnel. This seems a transforming business strategy that significantly brings revenue to the organization by impacting sales processes.

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