The Many Benefits of Free Email Tracking Software

In today’s age of information, we are surrounded with useful data that we either didn’t know existed or were simply unable to obtain and use it to our advantage. Information that could greatly benefit our businesses and accelerate overall sales is extensively used by organizations today. To aid with this, companies of all sizes are turning to a wide variety of sales acceleration software for data collection and analysis. One of the most helpful, and often times overlooked, applications is that of email tracking. Email tracking software is a truly invaluable resource that can be used in business to get a better understanding of how your emails are being used and received.

By the end of 2020 the number of email users worldwide will top 3.0 billionHow it Works

One of the advantages of free email tracking Google Chrome plugin is that it can be used with existing email systems. It utilizes a fascinating process in which information is distributed and collected through in place systems with the addition of various bits of computer code. When a prospective customer receives an email, a tracking image is loaded, enabling the business to know when a message has been opened. Once the email is opened, any links or attachments clicked upon will also load another cookie. These cookies are collected and analyzed as well as any particular patterns that may arise. This analysis can then be used to develop a specialized, sales acceleration email campaign designed specifically for your business and its customers’ buying behavior.

Benefits in Marketing and Sales

The information obtained through email tracking can be extremely useful for marketing and sales purposes. It gives direct insight into a prospective customer’s particular areas of interest and helps to assess at what point the prospect might be in the sales cycle. This helps a business to ascertain how well its email messages are being received and to determine if the content could somehow be more effective.

69.1% companies currently spend 1 to 5 hours developing an email campaignEmail tracking also allows for real-time notification of when, where, and how your emails are being opened. Not only this but with certain email tracking software you are also able to know how many times an email was opened, how long it was opened for and whether it was forwarded. This type of information can be effectively utilized by the salespeople and can come in handy when it comes to making a sale. A study showed that a call to a prospect who just opened your email is 10x more likely to result in a live conversation. Thus, the type of information that an email tracker provides helps salespeople to take the right action at the right time increasing the probability of closure multiple times.

Old Vs. New

As with most things, people and businesses tend to get comfortable with what works. This creates a stable business system but it also creates stagnation and limits growth. New technology is being developed every day that can change the way business is done and sales are made. The traditional form of emailing has its benefits but the system as a whole is being underutilized. New free Outlook email tracking plugin takes full advantage of the current data that’s available within email delivery and facilitates the marketing and sales teams with information that helps to close a deal. Email systems have drastically changed over the last 20 years. Companies are now leveraging email tracking technology to empower salespeople with critical insight so they can send email messages to potential buyers at the right time to get more responses and win more business.

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