Sales agents make countless calls every day in order to set up an appointment with their potential clients. Though prospecting is a crucial step in the sales process, still sales reps find it to be the most difficult one. Effective communication is a must if you want your business to survive and grow. However, sales agents are unable to devote their time talking to prospects as they are busy untangling administrative tasks. By hiring an Appointment Setting Service, your business can successfully build a qualified lead pipeline and close more deals.

What does an Appointment Setting Service do?

Appointment Setting Services can accelerate your lead generation process by promptly following up and nurturing qualified sales appointments. It can help your business penetrate into new markets as these B2B appointment setters not only generate hot leads but also identifies potential markets to focus on. Intelliverse Managed Appointment Setting empowers your sales teams to enhance their customer engagement by managing your contact efficiently and transferring hot leads to set more appointments. Our experienced Appointment setters ensure that your sales pipeline is filled with qualified prospects with complete visibility into each and every lead contacted.

While choosing an appointment setter for your business, it is important to make sure that their services are compatible with your company goals.

These elements help you distinguish a good Appointment Setting Company from the generic ones-

• Expertise: Working with appointment setters that are experienced have a good reputation is essential. They should have intimate knowledge of your industry so that they can have meaningful conversations with your prospects. You can undertake a preliminary investigation in order to find out the credentials and success rate of the Appointment setting company before associating with it. Intelliverse has a 30-year old sales experience with a solid foundation of core values and is trusted by some of the top companies in the world.

• Quality: A good appointment setting company knows that quantity isn’t everything and the quality of leads as equally important. A powerful and well-organized system is required for managing leads. We assign qualified appointment setters to your business that performs an extensive research which helps them to identify qualified leads.

• Cost: No business wants to take up extra expenses so make sure to choose the service provider that renders maximum output within a nominal price range. Intelliverse Appointment Setting Service offers cost-effective prices and customizable service package to choose from. We provide a tiered pricing structure as well as premium and standard packages. We ensure to converse with our clients to find the best suitable price, outlining our ranges and capabilities.

• Transparency: You should be clear about how the appointment setting service works before hiring them i.e. what they’ll be doing, how much time the entire process takes, how your sales teams should cooperate etc. You should also have access to all the documents and contracts. Managed Appointment Setting Service provides complete transparency about the leads contacts along with a comprehensive report for follow-up and call recordings for your campaigns.

If you’re in the process of hiring an appointment setting service provider, make sure to consider these factors. To know more how Intelliverse can help your business meet its goals, reach out to us or visit our website