Sales teams can achieve their targets only when it has sufficient leads. There is always a possibility of calls going unanswered or not reaching out to the prospects. It has been estimated that sales reps make 52 calls a day, and 15% of their time is spent leaving voicemails.

Even though sales personnel undergo intensive training, they may get demotivated if they are unable to find prospects, especially when they have to dial each number manually. Companies can help their sales members avoid the manual dialing process by opting for a Sales Dialer.

sales dialer is an electronic device that automates and simplifies the manual dialing process for contacting prospects. It can add a whole new dimension to the mundane cold calling process by enabling sales professionals to make a call with a click of a button. Thus, the entire telephoning process can turn much more efficient.

Listed below are the top 3 ways a Sales Dialer can close more deals effectively: 

  • Higher Productivity

In cold calling, most of the calls end up being received by people who are not interested in the offering. Sales agents using manual dialing waste a lot of time because calls are often not connected due to busy or unstable signals. A Sales Dialer can help the sales reps by automating the dialing process and improving the chances of connecting with potential clients. It will also discard all the incorrect calls or the ones that end up on the voicemails, alongside eliminating the unanswered calls and eventually enhancing the agents’ productivity.

  • Improved Conversion

Not all calls get connected to the prospective leads in the first attempt. Sales dialers can help salespeople to retry the abandoned calls after some time based on the results. The sales dialer can be automated with different strategies to improve conversion rate rapidly. For instance, a busy call can be retried after 5 minutes, while an unanswered call can be redialled after 2-3 hours. For abandoned calls, the time gap can be 48-72 hours, and so on.

  • Simplified Prospecting

A sales dialer can be integrated with the lead management software to assist sales teams in filtering banned and DND numbers. Similarly, when combined with a CRM, it can streamline all the contact information, customer history, lead data, and call-back info. The organized information can help target the right leads at the right time and ensure more sales. It can also manage the journey of each prospect and customer across their engagement cycle and enable agents to prioritize the leads and initiate a call based on the priority level.


Sales dialer can ensure that the agents always get connected to a live call while filtering out the rest. It can drastically improve the conversion rate per agent and maximize both productivity and profitability.