The anticipation of waiting for a response to an essential email is daunting. Questions like – Has the recipient opened or read the email, when will there be a response, etc., redoubles stress. The Intelliverse Email Tracker Software can put these thoughts to rest.

The business world involves sending numerous emails, and the Intelliverse Email Tracker application can be of great use. Sales, customer service, marketing, accounts payable, and accounts receivables will benefit from it. The email tracker aids in successfully tracked emailed correspondence.
The tracker service is the central point for emails to provide valuable information such as real-time notifications of the date and time, frequency of the emails accessed from the device and operating system, and the location where the emails were opened.

Intelliverse Email Tracker features for business advantages.

Date and Time

Knowing the date and time at which a recipient accesses an email gives subtle clues as to when to follow up. The information provided with the trackers’ analytics may put important correspondence at the top of the receiver’s inbox.
Thanks to the Intelliverse Email Tracker Software’s real-time notification feature, there is a high chance of a live conversation with the recipient.

Frequency of Opening the Emails

If the tracker’s analytics indicates that the emails were opened multiple times, this may indicate that the recipient is interested in the email contents. Also, when old emails are accessed, it may suggest that it is time to re-establish contact.
However, if the contacts have not opened emails or only read once and chose not to reply, it may signal that a new approach may be needed.

The Device and Operating System

Your contacts use different devices to check emails. While some are comfortable with them, others may not be. Depending on the make and model of the gadgets, operating systems vary. By understanding the importance of operating systems, emails can be crafted to the specifics of the recipient’s most frequently used operating system.


A recipient’s location is essential to understand the services which can be offered to them. This know-how is very resourceful for organizations and businesses that are area-specific.

The Intelliverse Email Tracker analytics helps you make appropriate decisions regarding the next course of action with recipients. The tracker increases the rate of email exchanges and improves email performance creating a constant flow of information between prospects, clients, business associates, vendors, and colleagues.