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How to Upgrade Your Sales Training Techniques in 2017

One aspect of all businesses is undeniable: sales are the key to maintaining and improving your bottom line. No matter which industry you’re in, no matter what clients you serve, there’s always a way to improve your sales training techniques. Constant learning and improvement not only helps in surging sales figures but creates an ever-improving sales force whose performance is so vital for the organization. Intelliverse is here to guide you through the process with some tips and tricks to help hone your sales team’s tactics.

Integrate Technology
An e-learning program can help your team stay knowledgeable about your product base so they can pass the information onto potential customers. These days, everyone is online, and if your sales team isn’t actively integrating technology to aid in the training process, you’ll find your business at a serious disadvantage.

A study by a leading US Telecom Adapt Your Learning Process For Millennials
The sales force is getting younger each day. What worked five years ago simply doesn’t hold the same weight it once did. Perhaps it’s time to tailor your training process to suit the next generation as they take the reins of your sales team. Training Industry has some guidelines for training your millennial sales team.

Don’t Forget Soft Skills
Though the world of sales is always changing, there are some core traits that every sales team member needs. Communication, flexibility, a commitment to teamwork, and a positive attitude are just a few of the indispensable characteristics you should infuse into every part of your sales team during training.

Keep the Training Short
Long, drawn out training sessions are likely to bore your employees, which means they won’t retain much of the information. Instead, keep your training sessions short and efficient to keep your employees actively engaged.

Foster an Environment of Ongoing Learning
To ensure that your sales training techniques are comprehensive, break up training into several shorter meetings and spread them throughout the quarter. Splitting up training helps ensure that training and knowledge are always an emphasis and keeps your entire team learning and improving. This keeps the spree of development up with an environment of constant learning surging overall performance upwards.

Internal motivation distinguishes the top 20% of sales people from the marginal producers.Pay Attention and Provide Feedback
Remember that fostering effective salespeople is a process. It’s important to make sure that you’re paying close attention to the performance of each member of your sales force. Keep an eye out for any ineffective habits, and incorporate alternatives into your next training. Keeping a vigil on the performance of the team and appreciating well-performing salespeople would create a motivating environment. Be sure to make any criticism or advice constructive and specific – your employees will appreciate the clear direction you provide.

Equip Your Staff With the Right Tools
At Intelliverse, we’ve developed state-of-the-art sales acceleration software that makes use of data-driven insights and real-time analytics that enable your sales team to sell smarter and sell faster.

Intelliverse’s incisive and powerful software is designed for your company, no matter how big or how small. Contact us today and let us help you improve your sales solutions.


Jason Hassler

Jason is responsible for Intelliverse's development and sales efforts to better connect businesses with their customers. Jason comes to Intelliverse with 20+ years of sales and management experience, with the past 15+ in cloud solutions.
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