Even the best sales teams need a little boost once in a while. Being perennially self-motivated sounds great in theory, but the reality is, sometimes slumps happen.

What’s more, teams may go through periods where they’re not necessarily in a bona fide slump but could still benefit from a nudge to drive engagement and thus conversions and sales. And honestly, when wouldn’t teams benefit from a bit of a boost now and again?

Enter gamification!

It sounds complicated, but in practice, it doesn’t have to be. Gamification is a win-win; not only does it motivate your team to perform better and engage more fully in their work, but it also leads to better sales outcomes and drives progress on the metrics that matter to your team members and your business as a whole.

The best employee engagement gamification software will:

  • Provide an analysis of historical data
  • Come up with intelligent, no-guesswork-involved recommendations 
  • Provide firm benchmarks to give sales professionals clear parameters to work toward.

Gamification works because it uses psychology and the basic human drive to motivate teams. By providing positive reinforcement for desired behavior through the use of goal-based competition and other concrete benchmarks, gamification taps into the commonly-found drive within nearly all successful salespeople:

The drive to win

We’ve created software that empowers sales professionals with rapid, customized, clear feedback that shows exactly how they are doing when compared with benchmark expectations. That’s step one: keeping your team members accountable to their goals.

The second step is where the “engagement” and “game” part comes in. For employee engagement and gamification to really succeed, team members have to be motivated to do the exact behaviors that create the best sales outcomes.

At Intelliverse, we believe that the key is using dashboards and leaderboards that all team members can view to inspire a competitive spirit. Then, teams are able to make connections within their teams, create goal-based competitions, and share their progress and successes across the entire organization.

Gamification taps into a wide range of avenues for equal parts sales strategy, human psychology, and competition to bring a powerful, strategy-supporting tool to your team’s arsenal.

Best of all, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.