Lead Generation is one of the key functions and has a profound impact on the growth and profitability of an enterprise. It can create a perennial flow of leads when performed appropriately, ensuring steady growth and business continuity.

A company can accumulate leads from multiple channels, which include both online and offline. Most of the time, the company’s website acts as an ideal platform to get a lead. However, a lead can also come through a phone call or word-of-mouth reference from the existing customers.

To ensure optimal results from a lead generation campaign, sales and marketing teams have to develop an interest in their target audience. A successful campaign should create enough buzz, so much so that the potential customers themselves come looking for more information about the company and its offerings. These leads can then be qualified and pushed through the sales funnel and can be eventually converted into customers. The following are some of the key tactics used to generate leads.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most important methods to generate leads. Most customers today are tech-savvy and would want to perform basic research for the goods and services they want to purchase. This search usually starts from a search engine, which uses the keywords entered by the users to list the companies that provide the solution the users are looking for.

Even if a company does have a website but misses out on including these keywords, it may not get listed by the search engines. As such, the website will not have much traffic, and no traffic means meager leads. For this reason, SEO becomes a very important method for lead generation because it works to improve the website’s rank on SERPs. The higher the rank of your website, the better is its chances of attracting bigger and relevant traffic.

Content Marketing

It is a well-accepted notion that Content is King, and when it comes to the Generation of leads, it again plays a vital role. Techniques such as blogging and content marketing are some of the ideal methods to attracts new leads. By providing the information and knowledge that the users are looking for, content marketers can get the interested audience to know what the company has to offer. This can enable the sales team to gather relevant leads as they would have prior knowledge of their products and services.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

The last few years have witnessed a steady rise in social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The evolution of Social media as a personalized engagement platform has identified it as an ideal platform to promote business. Companies have recognized this power of social media and are using it to get instant popularity while also knowing where their potential leads are, which is quite necessary. As such, smart marketers have cleverly turned SMM from a mere platform that connects people online to the most prominent hub of connecting target groups to the products and services they need.

Lead Management Solution

To improve their lead generation capabilities, companies can invest in Lead Management Solution, which helps in driving top-of-the-funnel activity. The software is quite helpful when it comes to attracting new potential customers, nurturing them with personalized campaigns, and delivering ready-to-convert leads to sales. Again, when leads are ready for conversion, what matters is speed and relevant context. The lead management solution can help sales personnel prioritize leads based on their convertibility. The prioritization helps sales reps to focus their conversations on leads with the highest urgency and quality while maximizing the conversion ratio.