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About Intelliverse

There’s a lot to be said about having the “best of both worlds”. Intelliverse has the energy-level, drive and culture of a start-up focused on new technologies and innovation. Yet, an added advantage of Intelliverse is its 30 year experience---a solid foundation of core values that has been relied on and trusted by some of the top companies in the world. This unique combination of a “30 year-old start-up” gives Intelliverse’s customers the best of both worlds.

Intelliverse was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing enterprise-grade communications solutions to businesses of all sizes. Although the services and underlying technology has changed over the Company’s 30 year history, its dedication to customer-focused solutions has not. What shapes Intelliverse’s solutions is not technology- but more importantly, the real-business needs of its customers.

The Foundation of Our Success


Intelliverse Labs, R&D, Technology

Intelliverse Labs is Intelliverse's internal research and development team to build sales accelerated solutions

Built In-House - Intelliverse Labs

Intelliverse’s cloud communications solutions are developed and maintained internally by Intelliverse Labs. The Intelliverse Labs team interacts with Intelliverse’s customers to understand the needs and requirements of today’s businesses & continually enhances Intelliverse’s solutions to meet these requirements.

Intelliverse uses best of breed technology components including Cisco, Oracle,, Nuance and Dialogic

Best of Breed Technology – ION

The Intelliverse Open Network, ION, is the cloud communications platform built and maintained by Intelliverse labs built on best-in-class technology components, including Cisco, Oracle,, Microsoft, AT&T and Verizon.

Intelliverse technology solves customer's problems

Technology Built to Solve Customer Problems

What shapes Intelliverse’s solutions is not technology – but more importantly, the real-business needs of our customers. Here’s the Intelliverse Mantra- No product, no service, no solution of ours is of any value until it actually solves a problem of yours.

Intelliverse has 30 years of experience providing stability to its customers

30 Years of Stability & Innovation

Intelliverse takes pride in its 30 year history of providing reliable communications solutions. We’ve earned the trust of some of the world’s most well-known companies because of our proven ability to consistently deliver ‘rock-solid’ technology.

Intelliverse can rapidly deploy new solutions thanks to ION and SOA

Rapid Deployment

Intelliverse can rapidly deploy new applications and products thanks to the reusability aspects of a Service Oriented-Architecture (SOA). ION leverages the SOA development methodology to keep Intelliverse’s products relevant to the current needs of its customers.



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