Intelliverse’s Partner Program is an ideal opportunity to create a new revenue stream by leveraging Intelliverse’s complete Dialing application for Simply provide a Lead that we turn into a customer and you receive a 35% revenue share per license/per month!

Program Benefits to You, Our Partner

  • 35% Revenue Share per License/Per Month - Provide 5 Leads that each sign up for 20 licenses and receive an extra $1,715 every month!
  • Expand Your Business  - Our program will help launch your business into the growing $10B Market or increase your current clientele by giving you the products and tools to be successful.
  • Win New Clients - Create a new revenue stream by elevating your offering to better solve customer problems.
  • Improve Customer Retention - Strengthen customer relationships with proven solutions backed by Intelliverse.
  • Unlimited Partner Support - Intelliverse experts will provide partners with continuous support on your growth strategy and our software platform to ensure that you grow with your clients.

IntelliDialer Benefits to Your Customers

  • Automated Call Logging - Eliminates the need for manual data entry which will yield clean and accurate data.
  • Complete Visibility - into their team’s daily activities so they can ensure activity goals are consistently being met and have the predictability to resolve issues before they become revenue impacting.
  • Local Presence - 50% more opportunities to have a live conversation.
  • Prerecorded Voicemails - Avoid the frustration of dialing and leaving voicemails so Sales Agents stay energized and focused on delivering the best pitch.

"A Fortune 500 enterprise using our software with 250 salespeople increased dials by 55%, increased opportunities by 19.8% and increased pipeline by 590%."

Lead Generation Companies provide leads; IntelliConnection provides Qualified Prospects

30+ year established company
Leader in Sales Acceleration Software
Clients range from medium sized to large enterprises

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