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Intelliverse Deploys Latest Generation Delivery Platform for Hosted Enterprise Communication Services

Consolidated platform provides reusable components, automated testing, monitoring and reporting capabilities for improved performance

Intelliverse, a cloud-based hosted communications provider for enterprises, today announced its ION (Intelliverse Open Network) service delivery platform. Based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), ION supports all of Intelliverse’s services, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and VoIP.

IVR automates interactions between businesses and customers by giving customers phone access to information or resources they need while using technology to do so in the most cost effective manner for the business. ACD intelligently routes inbound calls to call center agents based upon predefined routing criteria such as time of day, agent availability, language selection and agent skills, regardless of their locations. VoIP is a business-class phone service that provides the advantages of an expensive, global phone system – without the need to purchase or maintain phone system equipment.

"The evolution of our hosted communications solutions culminates in our new ION platform," said Kevin M. Moran, President and CEO of Intelliverse. "Because Intelliverse developed the platform, we have the agility and flexibility to customize applications without a custom price, offering enterprises the integrity they require of their communication services."

ION's design as a singular platform provides a competitive advantage by allowing Intelliverse to provide customized solutions and combining elements of different services to its clients. Because all services are modular yet integrated on the SOA, Intelliverse is also able to customize services for its clients, as well as add new services and provide secure applications over this industry-standard platform. All application logic is developed and deployed by Intelliverse on quality technology components, including Acme Packet session border controller, Dialogic media servers, and Oracle SIP application servers.

Proactive support tools allow Intelliverse to monitor and troubleshoot the platform’s performance before problems occur. Further, Intelliverse can rapidly deploy new applications and products by making use of the reusable components and features available thanks to the SOA platform.

For more information, please visit www.intelliverse.com.

About Intelliverse®

Intelliverse is a provider of hosted communications solutions for enterprises. The company provides a complete, hosted cloud-based platform that integrates IVR, ACD and IP telephony into one solution, enabling enterprises to interact with customers more efficiently. By automating routine tasks such as call routing through customized solutions and consolidated reporting, Intelliverse provides comprehensive customer insight resulting in better business decisions. For more information, visit https://www.intelliverse.com/.

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