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Intelliverse Introduces Partnership Program for Cloud Services in International Markets

iCSP enables specialized cloud services platforms for effective communications with customers and employees

Atlanta, Georgia – September 27, 2011 – Intelliverse, a leader in cloud-based hosted communications provider for North American enterprises, will be presenting its latest technology and the Intelliverse Cloud Services Partner (iCSP) program at the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, October 9-13, 2011. The iCSP program allows providers to offer cloud-based communications in local markets worldwide. An initial consultation will enable Intelliverse to develop a business model based on regional requirements, enabling Intelliverse to customize and localize its cloud services platform to suit specific needs.

Intelliverse has been providing North American companies automated communications technologies and services since 1984. With over 25 years experience, the company has also recently released an update to its unified technology platform, making use of best-in-class technology for routine tasks such as call routing, media processing and application generation while retaining the ability to create new and custom service offerings using these components. With this ability to customize, Intelliverse can create localized versions of the platform to be used by partners in this new international program.

"As businesses continue to expand globally, the need for specialized communications platforms is vital," said Kevin M. Moran, President and CEO of Intelliverse. "Using our years of experience in this market, we are able to bring a complete communications technology package to global markets, such as the East Asia, Middle East and South Pacific, providing one cohesive solution to companies looking to further expand."

At Gitex, Intelliverse is seeking partners who are interested in expanding their market potential with the communications technology that has been proven in the U.S. market. Partners may be existing service providers or companies with knowledge of a particular market that are seeking to diversify their portfolio and expand their product offering with communications services.

About Intelliverse®

Intelliverse is a provider of hosted communications solutions for enterprises. The company provides a complete, hosted cloud-based platform that integrates IVR, ACD and IP telephony into one solution, enabling enterprises to interact with customers more efficiently. By automating routine tasks such as call routing through customized solutions and consolidated reporting, Intelliverse provides comprehensive customer insight resulting in better business decisions. For more information, visit https://www.intelliverse.com/.

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John Vernon
Vantage Communications for Intelliverse
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