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Futura Card Services Selects Intelliverse Hosted IVR for Prepaid Services

Delivers cloud-based IVR solutions for prepaid card company

Atlanta – April 4, 2012 – Intelliverse, a cloud-based communications provider for enterprises, today announced Futura Card Services, a prepaid financial services company, has selected its Prepaid Services market solution. Prior to selecting Intelliverse, Futura Card Services had many self-service Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) in place with its exiting prepaid processor. The service worked fine and was reliable, but it took too long to make changes to their voice applications, prompting them to consider a new service.

Intelliverse's integrated cloud-based suite of services blends all of the front-end call routing of its Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with the backend call queuing of its Automated Call Distribution (ACD) solution. Futura Card Services asked Intelliverse to bid on a self-service IVR for a new program. The caveat? The program was launching in 45 days, and they needed a partner that could implement the self-service application quickly. Intelliverse's Prepaid Services solution is designed specifically for a company like Futura Card Services, and is able to be quickly customized with its Customer Management Line solution to fit a company's specific needs. Futura Card Services needed their databases to integrate with its back-end systems so callers could gain personalized information such as the remaining balance left on their card.

“We are delighted with Intelliverse! We were introduced to Intelliverse and its suite of services from an existing customer. They delivered the perfect solution on time and within our budget. It was exactly what we needed,” said Meigan Fukushima, VP, Partner Relations of Futura Card Services. “We had no time to spare and needed a quick, customizable solution to deliver our customers what they need when they call.”

Since purchasing the initial IVR solution, Futura Card Services have added several new applications to the platform and are evaluating migrating their existing applications to the Intelliverse platform as well. The capabilities of Intelliverse’s platform and the ability to customize gives companies like Futura Card Services a way to differentiate their business with first-class customer service and self-service options. Intelliverse can provide automated routine requests such as balance inquiries, activations, and reloads eliminating the need for additional call center resources. If further assistance is requested, callers are quickly connected to the most qualified agent.

“Our solution is a natural fit for the Prepaid Services market,” said Kevin M. Moran, President and CEO of Intelliverse. “When Futura Card Services proposed the bid to us, we were able to react quickly and make changes to put together a customized solution.”

About Intelliverse®

Intelliverse is a provider of cloud communications solutions for businesses. The company provides a complete, hosted cloud-based platform that integrates IVR, ACD and IP telephony into one solution, enabling enterprises to interact with customers more efficiently. By automating routine tasks such as call routing through customized solutions and consolidated reporting, Intelliverse provides comprehensive customer insight resulting in better business decisions. For more information, visit www.intelliverse.com.

About Futura Card Services

Futura Card Services (FCS), a prepaid financial services company, provides a diverse range of prepaid card products and money management solutions. FCS’s broad suite of prepaid card solutions serves the needs of retail clients, business clients, government organizations and non-profit organizations. FCS offers direct to consumer products to service the large credit challenged and under-banked population, business solution products to streamline operations and provide cost savings for organizations, and a vast assortment of white label products to enable any business to achieve its strategic objectives.

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