Intelliverse Completes Major Product Delivery Network Upgrade

Atlanta – August 20, 2013 – Intelliverse, a global leader in cloud communications, announced today the completion of a significant network upgrade which increases the bandwidth and accessibility of the Intelliverse Open Network (ION), the Company’s core product delivery platform and network. In a recent report, Gartner says that network bandwidth demand is growing by 35% each year and warns that “throwing more capacity at demand is not the solution; you need to optimize capacity in new ways.”

To ensure that its capacity is fully optimized, Intelliverse focused on increasing bandwidth within its own network and also between its network and the cloud. Within its network, Intelliverse doubled ION’s backbone processing capacity which allows more traffic to move through the platform and increases the speed and efficiency at which the traffic travels through ION.

To strengthen connectivity to the cloud, Intelliverse added two additional data carriers to ION, providing carrier redundancy and, more importantly, increasing the number of carrier peering points of Intelliverse’s network. This improvement in peering accessibility brings Intelliverse’s cloud solutions “closer” to customers who may be accessing the services from anywhere in the world. By offering more diversified entrance points to its network, ION facilitates low-latency transmissions with customer end-points, resulting in enterprise-grade communication that is free from the skips, pops, or echo that higher-latency connections cause.

“Our customers are the most important aspect of our business and Intelliverse prides itself on the ability to anticipate requirements,” explains Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “Upgrades like this one are critical in delivering world class on demand services like video. The race to deliver new technologies often outpaces the ability to reliably deliver those services. Our customers are simply too important for us to let that happen.”

About Intelliverse®

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