New outbound calling application improves sales organizations’ prospecting efforts, reporting capabilities and performance results

Atlanta – February 18, 2014 – Intelliverse, a global leader in cloud communications solutions, today announced the new Click-to-Dial enhancement to its IntelliConnection Sales Automation Solution. The one-click calling feature enables sales organizations to make calls directly from, which seamlessly integrates with IntelliConnection, and automatically captures, tracks and reports all calling activity within

IntelliConnection’s Click-to-Dial feature benefits any organization that makes outbound phone calls and needs to easily and efficiently capture all call activity data. The click-to-call feature eliminates the burdensome, multiple-step process of documenting each individual call made. This is also an ideal solution for senior sales associates who do not necessarily make a large number of calls from calling lists, but still need to log individual calls and leave notes, which can all easily be done as one, simple step.

“We developed this feature in response to an overwhelming demand from our existing customers,” said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “Click-to-Dial extends IntelliConnection’s already proven capabilities that make it easier for sales associates to instantly connect, automatically track, and therefore maximize every opportunity. This competitive advantage helps transform good salespeople into great ones and ultimately helps improve the effectiveness of a company’s sales organization.”

Sales Automation, a component of the Sales 2.0 movement, improves sales effectiveness and business results by empowering salespeople with technology-based tools. These technologies are often mobile and cloud-based and enable efficiencies and productivity -- resulting in an uplift of leads generated to a significant increase in closed sales.

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