Key metrics deliver instant insight to measure, manage and drive sales performance

Atlanta - June 25, 2014 - Intelliverse, a global sales acceleration software leader, launches its IntelliConnection Analytics reporting package, an addition to its existing SaaS-based sales acceleration software. The new package captures sales analytics and intelligence data in real-time, including rankings and sales activities, to equip leaders and salespeople with actionable insights to optimize sales performance

According to CSO Insights, only 58.2 percent of salespeople in 2013 met or exceeded their annual sales quota. This gap between goals and actual results is often because of strategies that are based on educated guesses instead of fact-based, immediate data.

With IntelliConnection Analytics, sales leaders can see which methods are working and how their teams are progressing towards goals based on a wealth of data to interpret on an individual, team, regional or company-wide basis. This enables leaders to reap the benefits of big data and create sales strategies that are more specifically aligned with their teams’ goals.

“IntelliConnection Analytics gives sales leaders the information they need to compare and contrast strategies and duplicate success,” said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “For example, leaders and teams can better understand the time of day to best reach prospects or the departments that are proven to have a high response success rate. When based on hard data, these types of variables are easier to track and predict, which directly impacts the bottom line. We have a current customer who used IntelliConnection Analytics and reported a 55 percent increase in sales activity and a 5X sales funnel increase.”

IntelliConnection not only provides data to sales leaders, but IntelliConnection Analytics also collects data on an individual and team member basis. Salespeople have access to metrics about their own progress to take the necessary steps to improve performance in real-time and maximize sales results. The availability and transparency of performance data also results in stronger cross-organizational support.

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