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Intelliverse Email Tracker Provides Insight Into What Happens After You Click ‘Send’

Strategically follow up with contacts knowing when, how and where emails are opened

Alpharetta, GA - April 1, 2015 - Intelliverse, a global leader in sales accelerated solutions to drive speed in creating qualified prospects and faster revenue generation, launches the Intelliverse Email Tracker application. The first 5,000 users that sign up for the email tracker on Intelliverse’s website will receive free subscriptions.

Senders can see the status of their sent emails including when the email is opened, on what type of device and the geographic location of where the email is opened. Emails are sent as normal from the sender’s own email server; Intelliverse does not have access to nor store the email contents. The application is useful across industries and job functions and also leverages Intelliverse’s expertise within the sales industry to provide detailed reporting metrics especially beneficial for sales teams.

Salespeople can strategically plan when and how to follow up with contacts using the intelligence from the Email Tracker. According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, businesses that invest in sales tools to provide more insight about prospects see 32 percent more accurate sales forecasts to predict which prospects will become paying customers.

“Email, phone calls and social media interactions are the core mediums used in sales prospecting, yet there are many unknowns with email – salespeople generally don’t know if their email is opened, let alone when or how,” said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “Our email tracker takes the guesswork out of managing customer relationships to help businesspeople create more impactful connections, speed up the sales process and, ultimately, close more deals.”

As a potential use case example, if a salesperson sees an email is opened many times and in different locations via the Intelliverse Email Tracker, s/he can assume the email is making its way around the company – and that likely means there is initial interest. The application can also provides notifications after a prospect “goes dark” and then comes back to an email, indicating potential re-interest.

As part of Intelliverse’s suite of sales accelerated solutions, the Intelliverse Email Tracker complements Intelliverse’s sales acceleration software, including lead generation and marketing automation managed services, to provide a range of tools to increase salespeoples’ effectiveness throughout the entire sales cycle.

The Intelliverse Email Tracker application is currently available for Microsoft Outlook users

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