App supports the increasing number of businesses using Gmail
Alpharetta, GA - July 8, 2015 - Intelliverse, a global leader in sales accelerated solutions to drive speed in creating qualified prospects and faster revenue generation, launches the Google Chrome Plugin for its Email Tracker application. Free for a limited time, the Chrome plugin is a follow-up to Intelliverse’s Email Tracker for Outlook released in April.
Corporations across the board are relying on Google to host their email, including Twitter, Dropbox and Uber, among others. A study by Quartz found 60 percent of mid-sized companies and 92 percent of Y Combinator startups rely on Google for email.
>“Gmail has become a powerful email system for businesses, especially younger and tech companies,” said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “We developed the Chrome plugin based on this shift, as well as customer feedback. By seamlessly combining the multi-channel communication of calling and email interactions, salespeople are empowered to keep the conversation going-- and accelerate response time, effectiveness and insight-- to move deals through the pipeline much faster.”
Intelliverse’s Email Tracker for Google Chrome gives users the ability to see the status of their sent emails, including when the email is opened, on what type of device and the geographic location of where the email is opened. With the help of Intelliverse’s Email Tracker, salespeople have insight into what happens after they click send and can strategically plan when and how to follow up with contacts.
The Intelliverse Email Tracker is part of Intelliverse's SalesAcceleration Solutions Suite, which builds on Intelliverse’s existing software that includes lead generation and marketing automation managed services. This suite provides a range of tools to increase salespeoples' effectiveness and speed throughout the entire sales cycle.
To download Intelliverse’s Email Tracker for Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook, visit the website or download directly from the Chrome Web Store.

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