New app helps organizations cross-sell, up-sell and uncover more revenue generating opportunities

Alpharetta, GA - January 29, 2015 - Intelliverse, a global leader in sales accelerated solutions, announced today the availability of the Intelliverse Meeting Notes application, which allows salespeople to view and save data to and from their CRM- even when they are not online. Especially useful during live customer meetings, the app leverages the power of information to guide a salesperson to ask the right questions, to the right contact, at the right time.

“Many of our customers were having the same issue,” said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “They have multiple products to offer but their salespeople were having the same conversation with customers over and over about the same products. This app shows the salesperson how to get deep and wide in their accounts, uncovering information which can lead to new cross-sell and upsell opportunities.”

“Our product roadmap is derived directly from customer feedback,” explains Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “We are constantly talking with salespeople and sales leaders from existing customers and prospects to find out how our software can be even more useful, both on a strategic and a day-to-day tactical level, to drive new levels of performance.”

The importance of cross-sell opportunities is reinforced in a recent study by Dell which reported that 69% of businesses with 50-499 employees prefer to buy technology from a single, trusted vendor.

Intelliverse Meeting Notes fully complies with an organization’s existing information security measures by allowing customization of parameters, including quantity and duration of offline data storage.

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