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Intelliverse and The Amvensys Foundation Continue Partnership to Help Deserving, Economically Challenged Students Achieve College Dreams

The Amvensys Foundation’s Inaugural Class of Scholars Graduates at a Rate Over 5x the National Average

ALPHARETTA, GA – May 31, 2016 – Intelliverse, a global leader in sales acceleration solutions to drive speed in creating qualified prospects and faster revenue generation, is pleased to announce its continuing support of The Amvensys Foundation and its scholarship recipients. The partnership provides promising, low-income students with the financial and personal resources needed to graduate and prepare for success.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 14% of students from financially impoverished backgrounds earn a bachelor’s degree within eight years of high school completion. In contrast, twelve of the original fifteen Amvensys Scholars selected in December 2012 have graduated — representing an 80% graduation rate.

“Intelliverse is committed to working together with The Amvensys Foundation to help economically disadvantaged students achieve their educational goals,” said Sean Gordon, President and CEO of Intelliverse. “All students, regardless of their economic ability, deserve the chance to fulfill their potential.”

“We are grateful to Intelliverse for the generous financial and volunteer support they have provided us over the past four years,” said Adrian Hagemann, Executive Director of The Amvensys Foundation. “Intelliverse’s support makes it possible for us to achieve our mission of providing college access to low income students.”

About The Amvensys Foundation

The Amvensys Foundation is a 501(c)(3) formed in 2011. It admitted the first class of Amvensys Scholars in 2012. The Foundation’s mission is to increase access to education to help individuals, families, and communities escape poverty. The Foundation strives to provide comprehensive college access support services to college students coming from poverty and homelessness. The Amvensys Foundation is currently developing new programs to provide additional support services. For more information see amvensys.org or e-mail info@amvensys.org.

About Intelliverse®

Intelliverse® is a global leader in sales accelerated enterprise software and managed services. The Company's patent-pending Sales Acceleration software makes outside and inside sales teams more effective. Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Managed Services enable businesses to focus on closing sales by relying on Intelliverse for upper funnel activities, such as appointment setting and lead qualification. Intelliverse has been delivering reliable, scalable and flexible services for three decades. By constantly exploring innovative technologies, Intelliverse continues to stay relevant and focused on its customers.

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