What is the Value of Outsourcing Lead Generation?
There are many benefits to outsourced lead generation and it ultimately begins with cost. It’s the cost related to salaries and benefits in addition to burden and expense associated with recruiting, hiring and training. Managerial time should also be taken into account, as should the ramp-up time it will take to build, train and maintain an inside team (that will likely have high turnover). Just as you’re an expert at what you do, B2B lead generation companies are experts at what they do. They follow the best practices based on proven results to produce the highest possible ROI for the time spent on prospecting.

What is Cold Calling?
Cold calling is making unsolicited phone calls, without any info about the potential prospects, in order to sell products or services.

What is a Cold Lead?
A new lead that has no prior knowledge about a business or its services/products.

What is Lead Generation?
Lead generation is the process or strategy used to inform prospects about a service or product offered by a business in order to capture their interest and increase the amount of leads in a sales pipeline.

What are Sales Ready Leads (SRLs)?
A sales ready lead meets the criteria of budget, authority, need and timing-- usually indicated by a lead score. A sales ready lead is a qualified buyer that is ready for interaction with a salesperson to figure out the available options that could solve their problem.

What is Solutions Selling?
Solutions selling is all about problem solving. It's a sales methodology that aims to help salespeople truly engage with the customer, educate them on how their problem can be solved and lastly worry about what they can sell them. The point is to move beyond just selling and help the salesperson become more like a trusted advisor.

What is Telemarketing?
Telemarketing is a calling campaign to discover new leads or sales opportunities for a business over the telephone.

What is a Warm Call?
A warm call is a call with a potential prospect that is usually preceeded with some form of prior contact - whether a referral, website inquiry or prior email that delivered relevant & valuable info. In other words, they have been "warmed up" and are much more likely to favorably receive your call.


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