What is Lead Leakage?
Lead leakage is one of the most costly sales and marketing issues, yet many organizations struggle to prevent ‘lead leakage’. Research shows that 80% of Marketing generated leads are worked on by Sales, much less turned into sales opportunities. By utilizing a Managed Marketing Automation solution, businesses are able to easily manage all aspects of their email marketing campaigns to prevent leads from slipping through the cracks by nurturing leads and increasing user response rates that drive better sales results.

What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound marketing attracts the attention of potential buyers and generates leads; it's all about the activities that enable a business to get found by a potential prospect.

What is Lead Scoring?
A sales ready lead meets the crtieria of budget, authority, need and timing-- usually indicated by a lead score. A sales ready lead is a qualified buyer that is ready for interaction with a salesperson to figure out the available options that could solve their problem.

What is Marketing Automation?
Marketing Automation is software technology that manages, automates and measures lead generation activities so businesses can increase operational efficiencies and convert prospects into buyers

What is Lead Grading?
Lead grading is the practice of assigning a grade based on factors pre-determined by the sales department of what constitutes an ideal customer profile (e.g., industry, company size, budget, or job title)

What is Lead Nurturing?
Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships by providing valuable info & on-going contact to qualified prospects, even though they are not yet ready to buy, so you stay top-of-mind when they are ready to buy.


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