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FAQ Sales Acceleration

What are Calling Campaigns?
Non-negotiable times that a salesperson sets aside in a given day to dedicate toward making outbound calls without any interruptions.

What is Call Monitoring?
When someone in a managerial role listens in on a salesperson's conversation with the intent to offer constructive feedback and coaching , either during or after the call.

What is Call Tracking?
Helps companies identify the true value of a company's campaign. Call tracking routes calls as they are handed off to reps and ensures all inbound calls are tracked and followed up on based on the best contact strategy. Call tracking also provides companies with insights into what campaigns are generating the most revenue.

What is Click to Call?
Click-to-call, also known as click-to-talk, or click-to-chat is a form of Web-based communication that enables an indivdiaul to click an online object to instantly trigger real-time communication with another person - via phone call, VoIP or text.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
A system or software that enables businesses to better manage relationships with current and future customers by capturing and tracking all the data and interactions associated with your contacts.

What is Inside Sales?
Inside sales is remote selling whereas outside sales is done face-to-face. Inside sales is often more cost-effective.

What is Local Presence?
Local presence is a technology used to automatically display a local caller ID number when calling prospects.

What is Pipeline Management?
Pipeline management assesses the complete state of your sales pipeline (from initial leads to closed deals) to provide businesses with a platform for more accurate sales forecasting. It offers insight and the ability to project expected sales and revenues from each sale along with projected revenues for future quarters based on averages and ratios of past history.

What is Predictive Analytics?
Predictive analytics is a data mining technique that extracts info from data that can be measured to predict future trends, hidden and behavioral patterns that a human may not see, to help engage you with a customer at the right location, with the right solution and at the right time.

What is Real-Time Analytics?
Real-time analytics is the process of getting immediate, fact-based data and insights about business operations. It enables business units to dynamically respond to changes as they occur and access real-time info whenever required.

What is Sales 2.0?
Sales 2.0 is about salespeople using next-generation, innovative sales tools to align people, processes and technology to sell more effectively.

What is Sales acceleration?
Sales acceleration is software technology that addresses the gap between marketing automation and CRM; it helps to increase the speed and shorten the sales process for sales organizations-- by driving improved efficiencies that lead to higher sales volume and increased revenue.

What is Sales Cadence?
Sales cadence is the process that efficiently organizes info (that aligns with an organization's proven, best sales practices) and places the various steps in a specific sequence of actionable steps to be taken by a salesperson to drive the best sales results.

What is Sales Force Automation?
Sales Force Automation is an integrated application that automates many business tasks related to sales, including contact management records and customer interactions, thus enabling sales organizations to better analyze forecasts and performance.

What is Sales Gamification?
Sales gamification is about incorporating "game mechanics" to drive healthy competition and increase motivation among sales teams. It uses elements such as dashboards, leaderboards, and contests that tie back to real-time sales CRM data. This keeps the energy level high on the sales floor which positively impacts performance and improves sales results.

What is Social Selling?
Social selling is the process of leveraging social media networks to listen and gain insight about customers, engage with decision makers and ultimately influence social buyers to become customers.

What is Lead Response Management?
Lead response management is the discipline of promptly following up with a web-generated lead to optimize the contact and qualification rates of leads. A famous study in the Harvard Business Review showed that salespeople are 7X more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a lead if contact was made within the first hour.



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