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Intelliverse Conferencing includes audio, web and video 

Allows you to host meetings instantly, anytime, and from anywhere using audio-only technology.

Intelliverse offers an easy-to-use audio conferencing solution that allows you to host meetings instantly – anytime from anywhere using audio-only technology. You can host or attend an audio conference from a landline, computer or mobile device.

Intelliverse ShareMe Conferencing provides a whiteboard to share, create and edit documents

ShareMe makes it simple to have highly collaborative online meetings and get more done in less time. ShareMe brings together phone and web conferencing, allowing you to SHARE presentations, desktops and whiteboards – with a single click.

Intelliverse FaceMe allows you to see up to 12 participants all at once

FaceMe is high-definition desktop video conferencing directly in your internet browser or smart phone. Interactive face-to-face meetings are now possible without the hassle and expense of costly video equipment or annoying plug-ins and downloads.






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