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Intelliverse Contact Center Solutions

Your customers expect you to communicate in all the ways they do- social media, chats, emails, phone calls and now even with video calls. The challenge for today’s businesses is to provide multi-channel support with a unified, integrated framework so that a world-class customer experience occurs, regardless of the channel.

All the Benefit – None of the Hassle

Maximize your leads and opportunities without the hassle and expense of buying and managing a marketing automation system. Intelliverse administers the entire email program on your behalf, all at a low cost. By relieving your business of repetitive processes, you’re able to free up resources & become much more efficient. As your campaigns grow and increase revenue streams, our solution easily scales to meet your needs.


Maximize Your Resources

Offload non-revenue generating calls and allow valuable, live resources to be used for high-touch and sales related activities.


Self-Service Solutions

Provide a personalized, on-demand experience for your customers with 24x7 self service.

Account Info Line – offers access to account balances, due dates & payment info
Locator Service – informs callers of closest location address, hours and directions. Plus, transfers callers to desired location


Reach out to Your Customers

Reach out to notify, remind or alert your customers about time-sensitive information.

Reminds customers of upcoming appointments or payments due
Automates process of collecting from past due payments


Contact Center in the Cloud

Improve skill-based routing and call resolution with flexible, scalable and affordable on-demand call routing.


Flexible & Integrated Capabilities

Customers have high expectations. Now you can easily provide your customers access to relevant feature sets---such as music/message on hold, call recording, real-time robust reporting & many more.


Social Media CRM

Track and respond to comments, questions and complaints as they happen. Route posts from customers to your support team and track activity to ensure all posts (especially bad ones) are responded to before going viral.


Reduce Operational Expenses

Enterprise-class communications solutions - without having to buy, install or maintain equipment and no software upgrade costs.



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