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Why IntelliCRM?

IntelliCRM will dramatically increase sales results by equipping your sales team with right tools to stay in touch with prospects and customers at the right time, allowing no opportunity to slip. With our automated Sales Cadence Sales Agents will easily be able to focus on the opportunities and tasks that are most important and they can ensure every prospect is followed up with until qualified.

Now you can manage your sales team effortlessly with advanced pipeline management and complete reporting. Just implement the CRM, relax and see your sales figures soar with increased customer engagement, higher productivity, and increased revenue.

IntelliCRM Features

Integrated Telephony

Start your sessions with a single click as the IntelliCRM prioritizes your contact list and starts dialing automatically. The intelligent dialer prompts you to dial the hot prospects helping you to bag more sales.
  • Self-explanatory stage wise classification
  • Easy sales cycle management
  • Periodic classification of sales data for effective planning
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Integrated Email

Easily connect your email (Gmail, Office 365, etc.) to be able to send messages directly from the CRM. This allows you to track all email interactions with Leads and Contacts. Lastly with presaved templates and placeholders you can quickly send the perfect email and focus on the next conversation.

Easy Sales Pipeline Management

Know which of your prospects are hot with easy to use analytics and a great pipeline management tool. Take the productivity of your sales team sky-high as performance management becomes easy with IntelliCRM showing the win rate at each stage of the sales funnel. Pipeline management is even easier with time wise segmentation and stage wise classification.
  • Play and Go feature
  • Call recording for training and monitoring purposes
  • Customize your campaigns and sessions
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Sales Cadence

Let the salespersons concentrate on the opportunities with the daily activities and reminders from IntelliCRM resulting in improved productivity.
  • Sets a process in place
  • Prioritization of daily tasks
  • Notifications for sales follow up
  • Brings synergy in the process
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Reports for Higher Performance

Pull up the detailed report for all activities of the salespersons and monitor your sales team with a never before precision. Reports on activities and opportunities by stages help you to understand improvement areas better and coach your sales team with a higher success rate.
  • Detailed analytics of all sales activities
  • Detailed reports for effective pipeline management
  • Detailed analysis of each activity for effective productivity management
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Ease of Usability

IntelliCRM is easy to use and understand, and includes reporting tools and techniques that improve sales KPIs quickly. Your sales representatives would love to use IntelliCRM with features designed to enrich user experience. Get all the required data and tools at one place with easy navigation and let IntelliCRM automatically sync all your activities.
  • Easy navigation and access to data
  • Easy click-to-dial
  • Easy to understand Call Dispositions and Analytics
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Closes Deals Faster

Let IntelliCRM from Intelliverse equip you with an effective selling process and the ways to execute transactions in an easy and faster manner. Keep the relationship with your prospects warm and invigorating and let the sales team do the right job at the right time closing more deals quicker than before.
  • Maintains warm client relations
  • Helps in sales follow-up
  • Prompts to take the right action at the right time
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Simplify Your Sales Team Management

IntelliCRM – The Next Generation CRM Powered by Advanced Sales Acceleration Engine - can help you optimize your sales process


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