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Know WHEN your email was opened, WHERE it was opened and on WHAT device.
One of the most challenging aspects of being a salesperson is the waiting game. Questioning, did they get my email, did they get my proposal or my order form, did they open it, should I call them, when should I call them, should I call them to ask if they got it and If I call, am I being annoying because they have not even opened it yet? Email tracker takes all the guesswork out of it and gives you insider info on the best time to engage with your prospect to help you generate more deals.

Work smarter with email insights - right inside your existing inbox


Intelliverse Email Tracker Features

  • Real-time notification when emails are opened
  • See how many times an email was opened, on what device and in what location
  • Unlimited use. Track every email you send
  • Know the best time to follow up. A call to someone that has just opened your email is 10x more likely to result in a live conversation
  • Reconnect after an old email starts to get opened up again
  • Your emails get sent as normal, from your own email server. Intelliverse cannot access the contents of your email.
  • Intelliverse is a trusted cloud software provider, achieving an 'A+' accreditation from the BBB.
  • Safe, secure download

Email Tracker FAQs

What is Email Tracking?
I've downloaded the Intelliverse Email Tracker Chrome extension. Now what?

Once you've added the Intelliverse Email Tracker plugin to your Chrome browser, just log into Gmail and you will see the Intelliverse Email Tracker on the right side of the screen. Simply send an email and it will be tracked automatically..

I've downloaded the Intelliverse Email Tracker plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Now what?

Double click on the downloaded file and choose 'Run' which will launch the Intelliverse Installer. The Wizard will guide you through the installation process. At the end of the installation, you will be instructed to close and restart Outlook. When Outlook reopens, the Intelliverse Email Tracker will appear as a window on the right side of your Outlook window. In the window, follow the steps to create your account. After creating your account, you will receive an activation email. Click the link in the email to verify your account, which will activate your account. Send an email as normal and you will see the tracking info appear in the Intelliverse window.

How does Intelliverse Email Tracker work?
Will the recipient know their email is being tracked?
I've downloaded the Chrome extension but I don’t see the Intelliverse Email Tracker in my Gmail?

Are you using Gmail-- specifically with Chrome (versus Internet Explorer, Safari, etc)? Intelliverse Email Tracker currently only works with Gmail in Chrome. If you are using Chrome, try loging out of your Gmail and then back in.

Is Intelliverse Email Tracker only free for a limited time? Will I be charged at a later time?

Yes. Intelliverse Email Tracker is completely free — for a limited time—to the first 50,000 users. Anyone that signs up now will never be charged; the service will be free for life.

Does Intelliverse Email Tracker integrate with

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Contact us to find out how Intelliverse can help you meet your team’s sales goals.