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The fastest way to increase revenue and business results is to tap the full potential of your sales organization. Intelliverse's Sales Motivator drives healthy competition using game mechanics and CRM data to amplify performance & sales wins.

Identify sales KPIs that Drive Revenue

Identify Sales KPIs that Drive Revenue

Determine which data matters most & motivate reps on the metrics that drive business results & revenue.

Intelliverse analyzes historical data & provides concrete, data-driven insights to help you establish smarter benchmarks to maximize engagement and performance.

Engage Team, Increase performance and celebrate wins

Engage Team, Increase Performance & Celebrate Wins

Automatically motivates through increased visibility using dashboards & leaderboards that are visible to the entire team.

Saves precious management time by continuously providing real-time visibility into performance that helps salespeople stay engaged and focused on what matters.

Enables sales managers to easily connect teams, create goal-based competitions and broadcast team progress.

Measure any metric with real time crm data

Measure Any Metric with Real-Time CRM data

Whether you measure conversations, emails, demos or closed deals, Intellivese easily captures the data and provides sales reps with a continuously running score of daily, weekly and monthly standings.

improves sales rep performance and accountability

Improves Sales Rep Performance & Accountability

Empowers salespeople with immediate, personalized, and transparent feedback that lets them know how they are performing against expectations. Helps your salespeople stay accountable to their goals while motivating the behaviors that lead to the best sales outcomes.



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