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Reinvent an Ordinary Contact Solution into an Extraordinary Voice Messaging System

What if the other end doesn’t respond when you dial them to pass an urgent message? You get frustrated at first, then think about an alternative to communicating your information. Am I right? Probably, that alternative would be a ‘voice message’ in recent times. We know how much does a voice messaging service means to your business today.

So, we decided to reinforce your process with our cutting-edge software, IntelliVoice, that ensures high quality voice messaging service to your business.

Our aim is obvious. It is to harness all the possibilities of a voice messaging system and capacitate your sales operation with an advanced messaging tool that allows you to digitally record, store, and send voicemails with prospects and people in your contact list.

Complete Visibility to Messages

We help you buck up your communication skills with a solution that increases your visibility and accessibility to voice messages. You can take advantage of our ease of use software that is chock full of prominent features, including FIFO & LIFO messaging, pager notification, voicemail to email conversion, toll-free accessibility, and a lot more. Additionally, you are entitled to the complete monitoring of the voicemails with control over inbound and outbound messages when with us.

We unveil two types of voice messaging services for your business:

  • Basic Plus Voicemail Service
  • Classic Plus Voicemail Service


Basic Plus Voicemail Service

  • Holds up to 30 messages at a time

  • A maximum of 2 minutes length for each message

  • New messages stored up to 10 days, kept messages for 5 days

  • 30 seconds outgoing greeting length

  • Voicemail to email

  • Network messages unlimited

  • Included minutes local 5000 minutes**

  • Included minutes toll-free 120 minutes**

  • Price $xyz

Classic Plus Voicemail Service

  • Holds up to 60 messages at a time

  • A maximum of 3 minutes length for each message

  • New messages stored up to 10 days, kept messages for 14 days

  • 1.5-minutes outgoing greeting length

  • Voicemail and fax to email

  • 90 seconds personal greeting length

  • Network messages unlimited

  • Distribution lists 99

  • Included minutes local 5000 minutes**

  • Included minutes toll-free 250 minutes**

  • Maximum Price $xyz

Message Broadcasting

At times, certain messages are required to share with a large number of people simultaneously. It may be a daunting task for the salespeople at their hustle. With our Broadcast mailbox, the process is just a cakewalk. It receives messages and forwards those to a list of defined mailboxes that the user maintains in the distribution list. In a nutshell, the broadcast plays the role of a key center that holds a distribution list that can share with many people at once.


How it Works

Broadcast mailbox’s functionality is simple, but powerful and unique since it carries voice messages, and no texts. It steadily sends messages to many subscribers at the same time and is configured to ensure security. As concerned with this, the broadcast mailbox suggests the caller to enter an access code before the messages are shared with many to ensure no security risks exist.


Stand Alone Menu

A service that routes or directs your callers to other mailboxes, the stand-alone menu allows you to develop an application that matches your customers’ expectations and requirements. The menu’s functionality is based on DID or TF, and it directs callers to other mailboxes on the same system.

Similar to the menu, we also provide customized announcement services, which is a mailbox that simply plays a recorded greeting.

  • Inclement weather line

  • Group Fitness line

  • Sales/Product info

  • Hours and directions


IVR and VOIP Solutions

With the help of a well-scripted and easily understandable voice prompts, we guide your callers to find the way through your phone system. We navigate them to the right resources and ensure that communication has been taken place effectively between two parties. We also offer IVR services to the users via the public switched telephone network (local numbers or TF numbers), internet telephony, or private integration with agency communication networks.

On the other hand, our VoIP Solution is a fully featured business-class phone service that unveils advanced features such as local dial tone, 911 service, directory listing, caller ID, and voicemail. Those come along with facilities such as extension dialing between locations, call transfer, electronic faxing, and a real-time call log. With VoIP, we enable you to get call analytics and tracking of the virtual phone number that will let you access call recordings and get updates on their call status with real-time reports.


Contact Center Solutions

  • Providing an extensive reporting ability.
  • Giving information about why and when customers are calling.
  • A perfect cost effective solution fits for traditional equipment-based call centers, especially for smaller call centers, those with home-based workers, or multiple centers aiming to work as a united call center.
  • Ensuring services such as call queuing, skills-based routing, live agent monitoring, call recording, call barge-in, music on hold, web admin of queues, etc.
  • Used for staffing, marketing campaigns, feedback, etc.


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