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Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a start-up or anything in between, sales leads are critical to your success. Yet, it can be extremely time consuming for salespeople to prospect and qualify leads – and too often it feels like a lot of wasted effort.

While there are many types of lead generation companies - all too often - it’s hard to measure the ROI and justify the spend. Intelliverse focuses on targeted lead generation strategies that directly influence your closed revenue and sales. We provide specific, proven methods that can be measured to gauge progress, improve the effectiveness of your program and ensure on-going success.

Maximize your sales potential with our full range of Lead Generation options

Lead qualification

Lead Qualification

  • - Leave your calling and lead generation to us
  • - Let us become an extension of your sales team
  • - Empower your salespeople with qualified leads to SELL

appointment setting

Appointment Setting

  • - Phone Appointments
  • - In-person Meetings
  • - Invites to webinars, seminars, trade shows & events

hot transfer

Hot Transfer

    There are times during the lead qualification process when Intelliverse identifies a prospect that is very interested in your product/solution, has met your qualification criteria and would benefit from having an immediate conversation with one of your salespeople. When these triggers are met, an agent instantly reaches out to your sales team, explains the situation and immediately ‘hot transfers’ the call.

full visibility

Full Visibility

  • - All calls and activities are logged and available for your review at any time via our client portal
  • - We record every call so you can get a sense of what prospecting strategies are working and what can be improved
  • - Submit comments on any call recording giving immediate feedback to your Intelliverse Account Team

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