Managed Lead Generation

Boost Pipeline
Maximize Sales Resources
Generate Lead & Revenue Opportunities

Managed Lead Generation

Boost Pipeline
Maximize Sales Resources
Generate Lead & Revenue Opportunities

Intelliverse Managed Lead Generation

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a start-up or anything in between, sales leads are critical to your success. Yet, it can be extremely time consuming for salespeople to prospect and qualify leads – and too often it feels like a lot of wasted effort.

While there are many types of lead generation companies - all too often - it’s hard to measure the ROI and justify the spend. Intelliverse focuses on targeted lead generation strategies that directly influence your closed revenue and sales. We provide specific, proven methods that can be measured to gauge progress, improve the effectiveness of your program and ensure on-going success.

You’re the experts at what you do.
We’re the experts at what we do.
Prospecting is our expertise.

No two customers are alike, which is why we take the time to thoroughly understand your organization, the value your product/solution offers and its specific needs. We then apply our extensive lead generation expertise to create a customized plan for you to fill in the gaps, expand your sales pipeline and grow your business – turning results into revenue.

Maximize your sales potential with our full range of Lead Generation options:

Intelliverse turns leads, suspects and prospects into qualified prospects.


Intelliverse’s lead qualification process removes the burden of prospecting from your sales team - by profiling your ideal customers, identifying & qualifying prospects and managing lead distribution to your sales team.

- Leave your calling and lead generation to us
- Let us become an extension of your sales team
- Empower your salespeople with qualified leads to SELL

Intelliverse delivers a tailored lead qualification campaign that outsources the legwork of your inside sales functions. Our proven techniques help you identify target markets, gain valuable insight on your product & prospects and generate qualified new sales leads. Uncover new customers and reach new clients using better lead qualification processes that leads to better sales results.

Appointment setting companies are not all alike; Intelliverse is an A+ BBB accredited business with professional, U.S. based agents


Appointment Setting takes Lead Qualification one step further. Once a lead has been identified as qualified according to our strict criteria, Intelliverse schedules qualified:

  • Phone appointments
  • In-person meetings
  • Invites to webinars, seminars, trade shows & events

Time is money. By having Intelliverse fill up your sales pipeline with qualified B2B appointments, your salespeople will have more productive time to be in front of the right prospects – selling and dramatically increasing sales results. For more information about Appointment Setting, click here.

Intelliverse Hot Transfer delivers Qualified Prospects immediately to your sales team.


There are times during the lead qualification process when Intelliverse identifies a prospect that is very interested in your product/solution, has met your qualification criteria and would benefit from having an immediate conversation with one of your salespeople. When these triggers are met, an agent instantly reaches out to your sales team, explains the situation and immediately ‘hot transfers’ the call.

By instantly advancing the sales process with your prospects during a peak level of interest, there’s a much greater chance for lead conversion and sales acceleration than if the lead is contacted at a later time.

Full Visibility

As opposed to other lead generation companies, Intelliverse offers complete access to your campaign information, 24/7.

Dedicated, In-Country Calling Agents

Your calling agents are dedicated specifically to your campaign. Further, they are all located within the country in which you are prospecting- to ensure professionalism, effectiveness and satisfaction for you and your campaign.

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