Managed Marketing Automation

  • Deliver Qualified Appointments

  • Generate & Nurture Leads

  • Drive Sales Results

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Intelliverse Managed Marketing Automation

Intelliverse’s Managed Marketing Automation solution expertly handles all of your email campaigns – from start to finish. Now you can easily harness the latest marketing technologies through Intelliverse to expand your reach and build a demand generation engine – one that’s fully managed – and with the ‘hands on approach’ you need.

Expand Your Reach & Increase Sales

Increasing leads and improving contact ratios is a top priority for any organization. Intelliverse Managed Marketing helps take your business to the next level by generating, nurturing, scoring and qualifying leads to drive sales and increase your company’s total marketing effectiveness.


All the Benefit – None of the Hassle

Maximize your leads and opportunities without the hassle and expense of buying and managing a marketing automation system. Intelliverse administers the entire email program on your behalf, all at a low cost. By relieving your business of repetitive processes, you’re able to free up resources & become much more efficient. As your campaigns grow and increase revenue streams, our solution easily scales to meet your needs.


Better Results Through A/B Testing

Drive greater improvement through campaign performance by understanding which content resonates with your prospects. Results from A/B testing enables you to select the winning criteria that leads to an increase of open rates, click-throughs and engagements.


Deliver Leads That Sales Will Actually Close

Know every lead is being worked. Leads are tracked and scored based on activities such as opening an email, clicking on a link in the email or visiting your website. Scores are automatically written to your CRM and used to prioritize sales efforts. Pursue leads that are more likely to close by getting the right leads, to the right people, at the right time.


Identify the Hottest Leads

Are you buying lists and in the dark on who to call first? Intelliverse Managed Marketing takes the guesswork out of who is most interested by instantly identifying and scoring your hottest leads. That way, you can generate more appointments with individuals who are genuinely interested in talking to you.


Activity Logging in CRM & Reporting

All activity is integrated and automatically logged into your CRM. Weekly reports are delivered to analyze program statistics, review results and make ongoing enhancements to achieve optimum results.


SPAM Analysis and CAN-SPAM Compliance

Intelliverse’s Managed Marketing solution is designed with industry-leading email deliverability infrastructure, which includes the automation of CAN-SPAM compliance and unsubscribe management.



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