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Determining the ROI for our sales acceleration software is easy using Intelliverse’s reporting tools & ROI calculator. Companies using our sales acceleration software also see increased ROI on Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics, since sales reps find more value in CRM integrated with Intelliverse.

Sales automation software increases productivity & efficiency by eliminating the need for reps to manually complete time-consuming tasks, like data entry, giving them more time to talk to leads.

9-10% of
cold calls result in a
real conversation
About 6% of
live conversations become
qualified leads

Average ROI for Intelliverse’s Customers

What type of ROI can you expect from sales acceleration software? Intelliverse quickly pays for itself, as you can see from the customer averages below.

Increase Sales Productivity by 42%

Generate 300% More Leads on Average

Generate 200-400% more conversations by eliminating dialing

Grow Revenue up to 30% in 90 Days

ROI Measurement Options

Sales organizations select the most appropriate KPIs to measure for their businesses. There are a variety of KPIs to measure for ROI, including sales revenue, leads generated, number of deals, deal size, win rate, and number of sales reps meeting quota. To measure the ROI of sales acceleration software.

Start by setting baseline metrics to get a true sense of current sales success rates.

KPIs can be measured for individual sales reps or the overall sales organization.

Calculate ROI based on the difference between baseline & current stats.

Compare before & after metrics for shorter time periods to measure ROI for trade shows, marketing campaigns, etc.

Additional Benefits of Sales Acceleration Software

Competitors using sales acceleration software can close sales before your team even has time to contact prospects. Sales acceleration software puts your team in the lead or levels the playing field.

ROI on sales personnel is increased. As sales cycles are shortened, reps can work more leads and close more deals.

Increased accountability, engagement and overall sales rep participation.

Managers can bring new reps up to speed faster by knowing what to focus on based on success rates.

The connection between marketing teams and sales teams is strengthened. The faster sales reps contact leads generated through marketing efforts, the faster revenue is increased.

Want to see this ROI in action? Learn more about our Sales Acceleration Software today!

Sales Acceleration ROI Calculator

  Today IntelliConnection logo
Hourly Dials per Salesperson 18 42
Total Dials per Month 396 924
Live Coversations per Month 40 92
Sales Appointments per Month 6 14
New Sales per Month 1 3
New Revenue per Month $ 10,000 $ 30,000
Monthly Sales Increase with Intelliverse   $ 20,000



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