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Intelliverse's Sales Acceleration software dramatically increases sales results by delivering speed, efficiency and predictability to the sales process. By using data-driven insights & real-time analytics, Intelliverse’s sales acceleration technology empowers salespeople to sell smarter and faster— ultimately driving high performance sales teams that accelerate sales and grow revenue.

Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics Integration

"Intelliverse’s Sales Acceleration Software integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics."


CRM Integration

Fully integrates with your CRM, including and Microsoft Dynamics. The integrated solutions provide seamless access & transfer of data between both systems and integrated reporting of call logs and contact histories.
Automated Activity Logging = Accurate Management Data.
Services CRM Integration

Reporting & Analytics

Offers you on-demand stats for your entire team and tracks dials, call dispositions and meetings that have been set. Plus, it helps improve response time of inbound leads and helps ensure every lead is called at least five times.
  • Real-Time, Actionable Data
  • Identify Trends To Duplicate Success
  • Individualized Sales Strategies
  • Gets Executive Buy-In

Local Presence

With local presence, businesses have the ability to improve outbound prospecting connect rates by up to 58% using phone numbers that are “local” to the prospect being called---versus a toll or toll-free number.


Enables your sales organizations to make calls directly from, and automatically captures, tracks and reports all calling activity within Any organization that makes outbound calls and needs to capture all call activity data will find this feature an ideal, one-step solution.


Intelliverse’s inbound technology instantly routes calls to assigned sales reps and provides vital lead data on screen, enabling salespeople to have productive sales conversations. And since all inbound call records are automatically logged in the CRM, sales managers can easily track, measure and improve performance to convert more inbound callers into customers.

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Intelliverse increases sales productivity by 42% and generates 58% more conversations by eliminating dialing & delivering more live conversations and opportunities in much less time
more conversations
on average
increase in sales team
revenue growth
within 90 days

8 Hours of Prospecting     Reduced to 2 Hours

Intelliverse Sales Acceleration

Intelliverse's Sales Acceleration software dramatically increases sales results by delivering speed, efficiency and predictability to the sales process.
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