Sales Acceleration Software

More Conversations
Increased Opportunities
Better Outcomes

Sales Acceleration Software

More Conversations
Increased Opportunities
Better Outcomes

Sales Analytics & Intelligence

Sales Analytics & Intelligence

Sales Analytics delivers critical sales insights that can be leveraged to Measure, Manage and Drive Sales Performance.

Intelliverse's Sales Acceleration software increases salespeople's effectiveness to get to qualified prospects more quickly Intelliverse's Sales Acceleration software increases salespeople's effectiveness to get to qualified prospects more quickly

Increase Sales Performance with sales acceleration and services by Intelliverse

Takes Performance to a New Level

Equips your organization with valuable business intelligence to optimize your sales strategy and maximize ROI.

IntelliConnection Analytics makes the most relavent, sales-focused info easy to understand, so sales leaders can intelligently and automatically make adjustments to directly impact the bottom line.

Intelliverse Sales Acceleration provides real-time, actionable data to help drive business decisions

Real-Time, Actionable Data to Transform Your Business

Immediate feedback enables sales leaders to take action, evaluate and consistently fine-tune sales practices-- making adjustments on the spot (not 30, 60, 90 days later). Plus, it provides tools to influence, motivate and positively change behaviors that impact sales rep performance.

Sales Acceleration identifies sales trends to help duplicate success.

Identify Trends to Duplicate Success

Gain strategic insight from data that uncovers what's really working. Better understand the best time of day to reach prospects or the best titles to target. Provides a 'playbook' to pinpoint the most profitable opportunities and prospects-- to have more conversations with the right people-- and increase the number of closed deals.

Intelliverse uses a company's small data to provide more accurate stats than generic big data

Individualized Sales Strategy for Your Company

Turn ‘big data’ into actionable insights specific to your organization-– based on your company’s stats and trends. Close the gap between your goals and actual results with fact-based decision making-- no longer relying on educated guesses to guide sales strategies.

Real-time sales metrics from sales acceleration provide key data to make decisions

Sales Metrics Available at Any Level

Metrics are easily accessible by individual, team, region or company-wide. Slice and dice sales data at at level to identify trends of successful groups or individuals. This data can also be used to implement sales contests that feature real-time scoreboards- truly gamifying your sales process.

Intelliverse Sales Acceleration drives sales behavior to create more hot leads

Drives Desired Sales Behaviors

Identify sales behaviors that lead to the best outcomes and standardize them throughout your entire team or organization. Uncover answers to head-scratching questions such as why two reps with the same type of leads & activity levels have entirely different outcomes.

Intelliverse Sales Accceleration creates more accurate real-time sales reports for executives

Gets Executive Buy-In

Sales teams often realize stronger support and executive buy-in based on increased confidence across the organization that sales resources are being managed based on analytical, fact-based data.

Intelliverse automates CRM logging of all sales data which provides accurate management reporting & analytics of pipeline reports

Automates Logging of CRM Data

Automates the process of logging calls, taking notes and recording follow-up meetings for more accurate pipeline reports. Better than your basic sales tracking software because Automated Activity Logging = Accurate Management Data.

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