• Deliver Qualified Appointments

  • Generate A Full Sales Pipeline

  • Increase Lead Quality, Quantity & ROI


Not all Appointment Setting Companies are Alike

People buy from people. Yet, conversations are needed in order to develop these relationships. As a B2B (business-to-business) sales company, Intelliverse’s Appointment Setting Service delivers qualified decision makers to your sales team and avoids the hassle and expense of hiring and training inside sales resources.

Let your sales team focus on what they do best – CLOSE – instead of FIND leads.

Generate a Full Sales Pipeline


Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company - or whether you sell simple solutions to the masses or complex products to select companies - your campaigns are designed to make a winning first impression.

100% Dedicated, U.S. Based Sales Agents

Reps are highly experienced, trained and certified in clients products, solutions and channels---to represent your brand professionally, boost lead quantity & generate qualified appointments.


Complete Transparency

Unlike many appointment setting companies, Intelliverse provides total visibility – into every call and lead contacted. You always have full access to all calls, leads and recordings on your campaign.


Account Team Advantage

Our experienced team adds enormous value to your campaign---offering 50 years of collective sales experience, and committed to making your campaign a success. Campaigns are supported by Account Management, QA and Sales/Marketing training.


Hot Transfer® Accelerates Sales

Some of the leads we find for you are so hot, they must be followed up with immediately. In these cases, we initiate a hot transfer- a live transfer of that lead directly to your sales team.


How Your Campaign Works

Our process and methodology ensures that our team will fully understand your product, industry and services. A refreshing difference from other Appointment Setting Companies is that we realize no two clients are alike. We will customize an appointment setting campaign specifically to your business, products, and goals.

It is our commitment to keep you fully engaged throughout the campaign. Intelliverse provides transparency, collaboration and communication which allows us to become a true extension of your sales team. Our team is continually refining and improving our methodology to present our clients with a best practice outcome.

Contact us to find out how Intelliverse can help you meet your team’s sales goals.

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Contact us to find out how Intelliverse can help you meet your team’s sales goals.